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Result Title Author(s) Date
 1 Goodman, Irv; 1956 
 2Minor League All-Stars  1956 
 3  1957 
 4  1958 
 5Mr. C Is Topic A  1958 
 6Boy Becomes Man Meany, Tom; 1958 
 7Brooklyn Dodgers -- 3rd Place -- National League Reichler, Joe; 1958 
 8Brooklyn Dodgers -- 3rd Place -- National League Reichler, Joe; 1958 
 9Pressing the Button Accidentally Daley, Arthur; 1959 
 10Mazeroski Tabs Hal Smith, Cimoli Key Men in Buc Rise  1960 
 11 Murphy, Jack; 1960 
 12A Pitcher-Author Writes His 'Book' On Pirate Lineup Brosnan, Jim; 1960 
 13Pirates Celebrate Clincher With a Champagne Shower Biederman, Les; 1960 
 14Pittsburgh Pirates  1960 
 15Pittsburgh Pirates  1960 
 16Braves Call Up Cloninger, 100-Grand Bonus Twirler  1961 
 17 Park, Charlie; 1961 
 18Flychaser Cimoli's Dazzling Stabs Chase Braves' Gloom Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 19Clemente's Batting Practice Screamer Kayoed Pal Cimoli Biederman, Les; 1961 
 20Cimoli's Weird Dash Puts Heat On Scorer: Six Players Handle Ball in Rundown Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 21Grapefruit-Slashing Bucs Shed `Squirt' Role in Eyes of Rivals Biederman, Les; 1961 
 22Thriller-Diller Series Seen in Super Flicker Spink, J.G. Taylor; 1961 
 23Yank Catching, Buc Garden Stay Unchanged From '60 n; 1961 
 24Long Time Between Draft Picks For Bombers Allen, Lee; 1962 
 25Conditions and Comments Stainback, Berry; 1964 
 26Base-s For Complaint  1965 
 27Looks Like It! Abrams, Al; 1965 
 28Westward Ho ! Thompson, Fresco; with Cy Rice; 1966 
 29Gino Cimoli Stern, Chris; 1979 
 30Fantasy Camp: Living the Dream with Maz and the '60 Bucs O'Brien, Jim; edited by Gerry Hamilton and Sally O'Leary; 2005 
 31Brooklyn Dodgers: The Last Great Pennant Drive, 1957 Nordell, John R., Jr.; 2007 
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