May 29, 2015
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 1Rhubarb Over Athletics' Out-of-Turn Batting Causes Heads to Spin and Turnstiles to Click Baumgartner, Stan; 1945 
 2Mixup in Batting Order Even Has Umpires Mixed n; 1945 
 3That Rising Young Star, George Kell Rumill, Ed; 1946 
 4George Kell, Lively Third Baseman of the Tigers, Demostrates His Batting Swing  1947 
 5The All-America Baseball Team Daniel, Daniel M.; 1947 
 6Strong Heart vs. Weak Knees Kerr, Alan; 1950 
 7Champs Use Louisville Sluggers  1950 
 8Hoot's Homers Bust Up Games; Evers Wins Two For Detroit Against Yankees as Tigers Pull Ahead of Field  1950 
 9George Kell - Pitchers' Killjoy Salsinger, H.G.; 1950 
 10Batting Styles  1950 
 11How to Play Big League Baseball Child, Malcolm, Ed.; 1951 
 12 Bennett, Biff; 1951 
 13How to Keep From Striking Out Kell, George; 1951 
 14Baseball's Forgotten Star Devine, Tommy; 1951 
 15George Clyde Kell: Detroit's All-Star Third Baseman Waldman, Frank; 1951 
 16The Tigers' Unlikely Third Baseman Furlong, William Barry; 1952 
 17Star Infielders Find Outfield Rough Assignment Cuddy, Jack; 1953 
 18Kell Move To Left Field Causes Bosox Shakeup  1953 
 19Bosox Lose Glitter as Stars Go Talbot, Gayle; 1953 
 20Booster For Boudreau Maver, Alan; 1953 
 21Boston Red Sox  1953 
 22He Was Too Valuable to Keep Devine, Tommy; 1953 
 23Boston Red Sox  1953 
 24In The Beginning Bonner, M.G.; 1954 
 25Williams Can Win For Boston Hirshberg, Al; 1954 
 26That First Year Can Be the Hardest!: Even Some of the Biggest Stars Had Unhappy Beginnings Bursky, Herbert; 1954 
 27'Who's On Third?' Chicago Finds Out  1954 
 28 Roth, Allan; 1954 
 29The Fielder's Friend Decker, Duane; 1955 
 30The White Sox: Q. What Kept the Sox Up ? Lyons, Harry; 1955 
 31The White Sox: Q. What Kept the Sox Up ? Lyons, Harry; 1955 
 32It's Now or Never for the White Sox Brown, Warren; 1955 
 33 Bennett, Biff; 1955 
 34The Leaders in The Field Roth, Allan; 1956 
 35Inventory in Baltimore Silverman, Al; 1956 
 36The Ten Best Infielders  1956 
 37Hero Worship Harnessed  1956 
 38The Makeshift Marvel Woodcock, Les; 1957 
 39Skills of the Hitter Creamer, Robert; Photos by John G. Zimmerman; 1957 
 40  1957 
 41The Orioles Are Coming Meany, Tom; 1958 
 42Do Managers Make Much Difference? Kell, George as told to Harry T. Paxton; 1958 
 43First in the First-Aid League Bryson, Bill; 1958 
 44Harwell-Kell Combo Will Air Tiger Tilts Spoelstra, Watson; 1959 
 45Two For the Pennant Woodcock, Les; 1959 
 46Believe It-Or Not: Clubhouse Once Was Players' Sanctum McAuley, Ed; 1960 
 47Yost Names Bengal Captain; Celebrates With Two Hits  1960 
 48Two Score On Beanball Smith, Lyall; 1960 
 49Third Base Play Weiskopf, Don; 1963 
 50Over in Extra Innings Cosell, Howard; 1964 
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