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 1Baseball Stars in Minor Settings Bloodgood, Clifford; 1927 
 2Baseball Stars in Minor Settings Bloodgood, Clifford; 1927 
 3The Star of the Series Frick, Ford; 1930 
 4How the World's Series of 1930 Was Lost and Won Gould, James M.; 1930 
 5Some Tips On Baseball Ogden, Warren H. (Curley); 1930 
 6Who Will Win the Big League Pennant? Lane, F.C.; 1930 
 7You Can't Kill a Pitcher Rice, Grantland; 1931 
 8High Jinxes Rice, Grantland; 1931 
 9The Philadelphia Athletics, Pennant Winners in the American League  1931 
 10  1931 
 11The Prizes and Penalties of Speed Pitching  1932 
 12Winter Glimpses of Baseball Stars Terry, Bill, et al.; 1932 
 13The Roar of the Serfs Crichton, Kyle; 1934 
 14The Jinx. A Lingering Shadow of the Diamond Robert, Harry Jr.; 1934 
 15The Temporary Eclipse of George Earnshaw Lane, F. C.; 1934 
 16Baseball Coaching From Big Leaguers: Pitching Lyons, Ted with Henry P. Edwards; Introduction by Will Harridge; 1935 
 17Development of the Pitcher Stewart, Paul J.; 1935 
 18Series Stars of the Past Stiles, Kirk; 1935 
 19Baseball Beginnings Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1936 
 20All-Star Athletics Scully, Charles; 1938 
 21Polishing The Stars Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1940 
 22They Also Serve Gould, James M.; 1942 
 23Small Notes and Stories About Some Big Fellows Polier, Dan; 1944 
 24Winning Combinations Veech, Ellis J.; 1945 
 25 Kilroy, Hank; 1949 
 26The Big League's Youngest Team  1950 
 27Who Goes There? Lardner, John; 1950 
 28The Philadelphia Athletics Robert, Harry; 1951 
 29George Livingston (Moose) Earnshaw Smith, Ira; 1954 
 30  1955 
 31Earnshaw's Son Delivers Invocation at Meeting n; 1965 
 32There Were Great Baltimore Teams in the 20's, Too Goldberg, Hy; 1966 
 33Oriole International League Kings Rated Major Caliber n; 1966 
 34Connie Mack's 1931 A's Greenfeld, Josh; 1968 
 35G Stands for Gehrig and Granite Broeg, Bob; 1969 
 36Some Other Notables Seymour, Harold; 1971 
 37 Broeg, Bob; 1971 
 38Baseball's Greatest Pitching Duos Sparks, Barry; 1974 
 39n; 1976 
 40Murtaugh, Earnshaw Far Apart: Danny Loved Baseball Broeg, Bob; 1977 
 41 Carroll, Bob; 1993 
 42Yogi Grand Master in New York Series Herman, Bruce; 1993 
 43Postseason Profiles (cont.) James, Bill; John Dewan; Neil Munro; Don Zminda, eds.; 1998 
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