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 1New York Giants King, Joe; 1951 
 2Birds Ask Three Farmhands to Spread Wings in Miami n; 1965 
 3Three Coaches Pay Penalty for Birds' Plummet Brown, Doug; 1967 
 4A Fifth Wheel for Birds? Brown, Doug; 1967 
 5An Oriole by Day Kaegel, Dick; 1967 
 6Not a Sore Arm in Either Camp--Orioles Can Hardly Believe It Jackman, Phil; 1968 
 7Hardin Giving Hitters a Hard Time Brown, Doug; 1968 
 8McNally Finds Long-Lost Slider and Takes Off Brown, Doug; 1968 
 9Leonhard's Big Decision--He Chucks Idea of Quitting Brown, Doug; 1968 
 10Crazy Horse Real Thoroughbred on Oriole Hill Brown, Doug; 1969 
 11Oriole Wings Thrive Under Dr. Bamberger Jackman, Phil; 1969 
 12Double Talker Triples the Penalty  1969 
 13Unbeatable McNally: Like Fish, He Can Wriggle Off the Hook Brown, Doug; 1969 
 14Route-Going Jobs of Oriole Hurlers Top Both Majors Jackman, Phil; 1970 
 15McNally Perfect Example of Results of Hard Labor Jackman, Phil; 1970 
 16Bamberger: Running Key to Hill Success  1970 
 17 Roth, Allan; 1971 
 18Bamberger Sees 30 Wins in Prospect For Cuellar  1971 
 19O's Hill Aces Never Pampered By Bamberger Jackman, Phil; 1971 
 20A New Look at Dave McNally Steadman, John; 1972 
 21Pitching Coaches Select Baseball's Outstanding Pitcher Prato, Lou; 1972 
 22McNally Chief Victim of Sickly Oriole Swat Pace Hatter, Lou; 1972 
 23Grich Shrugs Off Tributes--Points to Flaws in His Play Hatter, Lou; 1972 
 24Orioles' Pitching Coach Worries Over Idle Arms Hatter, Lou; 1972 
 25O'Brien's Arm `a Little Tired'--Unusual Malady on Oriole Staff Jackman, Phil; 1972 
 26Bird Hurlers About to Blow Corks Due to Popgun Attack Hatter, Lou; 1972 
 27A New Look at Dave McNally Steadman, John; 1972 
 28`Pops' Pena Sweet Music to Orioles Hatter, Lou; 1973 
 29DH Rule Induces O's to Cut Hill Staff Hatter, Lou; 1973 
 30Jackson Shelves Curve to Outflank Bird Foes Hatter, Lou; 1973 
 31Where Are the Pitchers? Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1975 
 32Oriole Ace Palmer Eyes a New Honor: Gold Glove Award Henneman, Jim; 1976 
 33Orioles Ready to Reduce Hill Stints If Necessary Henneman, Jim; 1976 
 34Orioles All Lovey-Dovey After Final Spat Henneman, Jim; 1976 
 35Mound Collapse Stymies O's Henneman, Jim; 1976 
 36Palmer Pockets His Third A.L. Pitcher-of-Year Prize Henneman, Jim; 1976 
 37Grenhorn Ford Could Crash O's Staff Henneman, Jim; 1977 
 38Orioles Rate Tippy Tops as Southpaw Fireman Henneman, Jim; 1977 
 39Loser Flanagan? He's Orioles Hottest Hurler Henneman, Jim; 1977 
 40Orioles Look For Solution To Palmer Puzzle Henneman, Jim; 1977 
 41Rookie Molitor Thrust Into Brewers' SS Berth Gonring, Mike; 1978 
 42Retreating Orioles Shaken By Cracks in Mound Staff Henneman, Jim; 1978 
 43Any Brewer Leap Forward Lies in Hand of Hurlers Gonring, Mike; 1978 
 44Molitor Master Craftsman as Baby Brewer Gonring, Mike; 1978 
 45Money Starts To Talk Brewer Type of Lingo Gonring, Mike; 1978 
 46Down Time Helps Keep Brewers Up Gonring, Mike; 1978 
 47Brewers Nix Trade Talks Involving Sixto Gonring, Mike; 1978 
 48Brewers Warn Yanks - 'Our Pitching Is Super' Gonring, Mike; 1978 
 49Brewers Will Top .500, Bamberger Promises Chapman, Lou; 1978 
 50Pitching-Poor Brewers Pick Bamberger as Pilot Chapman, Lou; 1978 
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