August 27, 2015
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 1Woodling Bats .394 as Michigan Leader; Flint Flyhawk, Howevr, Shares Spotlight With John Lipton  1941 
 2So You Want To Play Golf With Gene Woodling  1950 
 3Never Saw a Report Like It; Leo Durocher Pays Tribute To Brooklyn Scout's Analysis of the N.Y. Yankees Which Didn't Pull Giants Through But Will Make Fuel For the Hot-Stove League  1951 
 4The Magnificent Yankees Meany, Tom, Ed.; 1952 
 5The Gold Dust Twins (Hank Bauer - Gene Woodling) Meany, Tom; 1952 
 6Gene Woodling's Little Leaguers Photos by Joe Covello; 1953 
 7The Magnificent Yankees Meany, Tom, Ed.; 1953 
 8Puff, Puff That Cigarette, It Won’t Hurt Robinson Fraley, Oscar; 1953 
 9New York Yankees  1953 
 10New York Yankees  1953 
 11New Reign of Terror Dexter, Charles; 1954 
 12Who Has Baseball's Best Outfield? Hirshberg, Al; 1954 
 13The Oriole's Not For Burning  1954 
 14How to Play Championship Baseball Fraley, Oscar; 1954 
 15Yankee Angry Man Stevens, Bob; 1954 
 16The Magnificent Yankees Meany, Tom, Ed.; 1956 
 17The Magnificent Yankees: New Revised Edition Meany, Tom, Ed.; 1957 
 18Out-Think the Hitter Mallette, Mal; 1958 
 19Cleveland Indians -- 6th Place -- American League Goldberg, Hy; 1958 
 20Cleveland Indians -- 6th Place -- American League Goldberg, Hy; 1958 
 21Statistics On the Series Roth, Allan; 1959 
 22Birds with Weak Wings Goldberg, Hy; 1959 
 23Birds with Weak Wings Goldberg, Hy; 1959 
 24Left Field in Yankee Stadium - a Hazardous Spot Daniel, Dan; 1960 
 25Woodling Opens With Bang  1960 
 26Maris Latest Ex-Indian To Wear Pin Stripes With Distinction McAuley, Ed; 1960 
 27Woodling Raps Rumor of Oriole Voting Scheme Brown, Doug; 1960 
 28Gentile Will Donate Moles To Shrine 'for Prosperity'  1960 
 29Baby Birds On Wing, Dart For High Limb: Richards' Team of Future Arrives Early - Quartet of Slab Starters Only 21 Years Old Steadman, John; 1960 
 30Birds Earn 'Kardiac Kids' Tag With Cliff-Hangers Brown, Doug; 1960 
 31Arnie Picking Up New Skills With Fork Ball Brown, Doug; 1960 
 32Somebody's Gotta Play Left Terrell, Roy; 1960 
 33'Don't Squawk About Skipper,' Woodling Advises King, Joe; 1960 
 34Barber's Close-Shave Hurling Leaves Oriole Foes in Lather Brown, Doug; 1960 
 35Lewis and Berra Twice Led All Batsmen in Fall Classic  1960 
 36Oh, Those High-Flying Orioles!: 'Team of Future' Kayoes Timetable - Goes For Pennant; Kids Refuse To Crack Up in Flag Race Steadman, John; 1960 
 37Quips and Quotes On Big-Time Beat Walfoort, Cleon; 1960 
 38Greybeard Philley Filling Big Bill For Flag-Hungry Birds Brown, Doug; 1960 
 39Triandos, Brandt Cast in Role of Keys To Bird Treasure Nest Brown, Doug; 1960 
 40Baltimore Orioles Official 1960 Year Book Dunn, Jack; and Robert Brown; 1960 
 41Baltimore Orioles  1960 
 42Majors Find There's Life In 35-And-Over Stars Buttram, Bill; 1960 
 43Closed Stance Reopens Door For Woodling O'Neill, Steve; 1960 
 44Baltimore Orioles  1960 
 45Pitching: A+; Fielding: Bad ; Batting: Worse Goldberg, Hy; 1960 
 46Ballplayers vs. the Fans Linn, Edward; 1961 
 47Player Reps Nix Switch To One Game: Vote To Huddle With Magnates On '62 Decision Daniel, Dan; 1961 
 48Money Men  1961 
 49Pension Group Admits Skippers, Votes Hike in Retirement Benefits: Five-Year Performer Will Get $125 Monthly at Age of 50 Stevens, Bob; 1961 
 50Gene's Tip Convinced Jim To Cut Down On His Swing  1961 
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