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 1Viet Nam and Draft Load League With Talented Freshmen Ellison, Jack; 1966 
 2Fresh Breezes From the Free-Agent Draft Leggett, William; 1967 
 3Teener Nolan--Talk of the Big Time: Reds' 19-Year Old Hurler Tames Batters With Ease Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 4Gary Joined Reds in 1966 During Long Loss Streak n; 1967 
 5No No-Hitters for Nolan, But Plenty of Strikeouts n; 1967 
 6Dad Swung Wagon Spoke for a Bat n; 1967 
 7Reds Buy 10,000 Copies of Issue Featuring Nolan n; 1967 
 8Nolan Sets Season High in N.L., Fans 15 Giants n; 1967 
 9Batters Respect Fireballing Red Slab Foursome Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 10Reds' Hurlers Tighten Belts--Keep on Hurling Masterpieces Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 11At 2 A.M., Deron Doesn't Care for Gary's Warbling n; 1967 
 12Teen-Ager Nolan--Hill Hero in Cincy Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 13Oddball Season n; 1967 
 14Redlegs Wobble as Deron's Hits Steadily Decline Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 15Heart? Nolan Has It, Claim Red Opponents Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 16Nolan Ignores Book on Batters n; 1967 
 17Jarvis Admits He's Good After Outdueling Nolan n; 1967 
 18Topps Gathering Ballots For Stellar Rookie Team n; 1967 
 19Hard Luck? Reds' Nolan Takes Prize! Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 20Gary Nolan Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 21Queen Bidding for All-Star Crown With Regal Hurling Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 22Nolan, 19, Now Proud Father of Second Son n; 1967 
 23Writers Name Seaver, Craew as Majors' Leading Freshman Lang, Jack; 1967 
 24Bristol Task: Weeding Out Red Hurlers Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 25Bristol's Clockwork Schedule Keeps All Reds' Hands Moving Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 26The Old Scout's a Bookkeeper Now Dexter, Charles; 1967 
 27Reds' Nolan Was Own Boss at Ten Bryson, Bill; 1967 
 28Sore Spots in a Big-Arm Year Mulvoy, Mark; 1968 
 29Second Gary Nolan? Reds May Have One in Greenie Simpson Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 30Motorcycle Riding Great For Legs, Says Raudman Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 31Reds Drool As Nolan Vows: `I'll Eat Steaks Long Time' Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 32`Free-Agent Draft a Flop'--Phil Farm Boss Owens Lewis, Allen; 1968 
 33Dear Abby: Here is a Little Something For Next Year... Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 34Salary Spats Spice Midwinter Bulletins For Cincinnati Fans Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 35Reds Grooming Crack Battery--Nolan And Bench Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 36Rose Dazzles As Playmaker in Four Cincy Cage Loops Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 37Baseball's Superstars of Tomorrow Greene, Lee; 1968 
 38Old Injury Hex Pays Another Call on Reeling Reds Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 39Nolan, Maloney Flashing Green Light in Reds' Path Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 40Baseball Keeping Eyes on Synthetic Covering  1968 
 41Reds Refuse to Panic While Mishaps Deplete Hill Corps Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 42Don't Write Off the Reds, Bristol Tells Leading Cards Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 43Nolan Erases Met Grins--Walks Off With a 5-2 Win  1968 
 44Double Thrill for Hurler Gary Nolan; First Big-Time Homer, Shutout Win  1968 
 45Reds Seek Silver Lining in Sore-Arm Cloud Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 46Nolan Optioned to Tampa Till Sore Arm Recovers  1968 
 47Lopez Goes Distance, But Nolan Has Trouble Selman, Jim; 1968 
 48Baseball's Superstars of Tomorrow Greene, Lee; 1968 
 49`Nolan to Win 20 Cincy Games'--Gary Guarantees It Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 50Nolan, Carroll Only Regulars On Hand For Early Red Drills Lawson, Earl; 1969 
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