August 31, 2015
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 1Development of the Pitcher Stewart, Paul J.; 1935 
 2Correct Pronunciation Of Names Often Mispronounced  1937 
 3"Fritz" Ostermueller, Red Sox Left Hander, Who Finally "Arrived" Last Season  1939 
 4The Might-Have Beens Bradley, Hugh; 1940 
 5Baseball's Traded Terrors Cohane, Tim; 1945 
 6Fritz Ostermueller - He Improves With Age Rumill, Ed; 1946 
 7Concerning Pitchers and Their Records Rumill, Ed; 1947 
 8 Vernon, Ted; 1951 
 9  1957 
 10Whitey Kurowski: Standout Third Baseman For 1940's Cardinals Hines, Rick; 1991 
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