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Result Title Author(s) Date
 1  1910 
 2Big League Players Who Have Come Back  1911 
 3Sidelights on the New World's Champions Phelon, William A.; 1915 
 4Baseball  1916 
 5  1917 
 6Juggling the Batting Records Mitchell, Fred; 1917 
 7 Reeves, Grant T.; 1917 
 8The New School of Big League Managers Kofoed, J.C.; 1917 
 9Miracle Men Come To Grief Goewey, Ed A.; 1917 
 10The Strength of the Cub Machine Mitchell, Fred; 1918 
 11Building a Winner Mitchell, Fred; 1918 
 12The Babe Ruth of the World's Series Ruether, Dutch (As revealed from an interview with ); 1919 
 13n; 1919 
 14Behind The Scenes  1919 
 15The Secret of a Rapid Rise n; 1919 
 16Some Bad Guesses By Baseball Managers  1920 
 17The Presidents and Managers of the Eight National League Baseball Clubs  1920 
 18  1920 
 19Prominent Baseball Men and Their Opinions of Babe Ruth  1920 
 20How the Greatest Series on Record Were Lost and Won Mitchell, Fred ( As revealed from an interview with ); 1920 
 21Major League Managers and Their Records Sawyer, C. F.; 1920 
 22A Big League Manager's Mistakes Mitchell, Fred (An interview with ); 1920 
 23  1921 
 24The Fighting Spirit of the Boston Braves Mitchell, Fred (Comprising an interview with ); 1921 
 25Fred Mitchell Favors Schools  1921 
 26Sacramento Seeks Pick  1921 
 27Contrary Reports On Pratt's Plans O'Leary, James C.; 1921 
 28The Danger of "Too Much System " in Baseball Sanborn, Irving E.; 1922 
 29The Manager's Right-Hand Man Lieb, Frederick G.; 1922 
 30Baseball Sluggers Who Began as Pitchers Sawyer, Ford; 1923 
 31An Old Favorite Comes Back Davidson, C. B., From an interview with; 1926 
 32Editorial Comment  1927 
 33Jennings Ripped Hobbles Off Ty: 'Use Your Own Judgement,' Shrewd Tiger Pilot Told Cobb; Green Light Allowed Kid To Run Wild Salsinger, H.G.; 1961 
 34Baseball's Greatest Teams: the Cubs Enright, Jim; 1975 
 35Rare Feat By Ex-Hurler Lasorda Koppett, Leonard; 1977 
 36Ryne Sandberg: He's Going to Get Even Better! Mitchell, Fred; 1984 
 37The Cubs Still Look to 'The Sarge' Mitchell, Fred; 1985 
 38They Call Me Sarge: An Intimate Look At the Personal and Professional Gary Matthews Mitchell, Fred; 'Sarge'; 1985 
 39Bob Dernier: Captain of the Cubs Outfield Mitchell, Fred; 1986 
 40Here Come the '86 Cubs Mitchell, Fred; photos by Bob Langer; 1986 
 41Andre Dawson Puts It All Together for Cubs Mitchell, Fred; 1987 
 42Jody Davis of The Cubs: Catcher With a Mission Mitchell, Fred; 1987 
 43Murder At Wrigley Field Soos, Troy; 1996 
 44Seasons: Standings, Leaders: 1918 National League James, Bill; John Dewan; Neil Munro; Don Zminda, eds.; 1998 
 45April 10, 1916: Harvard 1, Boston Red Sox 0 Thompson, Dick; 2002 
 46Cubs: Where Have You Gone? Mitchell, Fred; 2004 
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