September 2, 2015
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 1"Get Out of Baseball," Comiskey Tells These Men  1920 
 2First Evidence of Money Paid to Sox Bared; McMullin's Mystery Package Trailed Crusinberry, James; 1920 
 3Four For One Deals Make Coast Teams Gallagher, Matt; 1921 
 4Fighting the Crooks Starts On All Fronts  1921 
 5 Sheridan, John B.; 1921 
 6The Alibis of the Association  1921 
 7Court Action Puts It Up to Magnates Gallagher, Matt; 1921 
 8World's Series Pinch-Hitters Bloodgood, Clifford; 1932 
 9Remember the Black Sox? Lardner, John; 1938 
 10Unexpected Adventures at Third Bloodgood, Clifford; 1944 
 11  1952 
 12Concessions, Denials, Obscurity  1956 
 13Black Sox Story Butchered in TV Show: Video Script Skirts Facts, Blasts Game; Full of Inaccuracies, Distortions Daniel, Dan; 1961 
 14The Great Baseball Mystery: the 1919 World Series Luhrs, Victor; 1966 
 15Acquitted But Still Condemned Seymour, Harold; 1971 
 16Baseball's Darkest Hour Seymour, Harold; 1971 
 17Ballet for Opening Day: The Swede was a Hard Guy Algren, Nelson; 1973 
 18Eight Black Sox--Just One Left: Risberg, 80, in California Broeg, Bob; 1974 
 19Eight Men Out: the Black Sox and the 1919 World Series Asinof, Eliot; 1987 
 20Fred McMullin: An Underrated Crook? Kopf, Mike; 1988 
 21Remembering the Chicago Black Sox Jernigan, Robert; 2002 
 22Pasadena Baseball McConnell, Jim; 2002 
 23He's a Rose by Another Name: McMullin, a member of the infamous 1919 Black Sox, was banned from baseball for lie for learning about the fix and not saying anything Glick, Shav; 2004 
 24Comiskey's Detectives Carney, Gene; 2009 
 25It Ain't So: A Might-Have-Been History of the White Sox in 1919 and Beyond Lynch, Michael T., Jr.; 2010 
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