August 31, 2015
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 1That Revolt  1887 
 2The Plated City Perry, Bliss; 1895 
 3From GLADLY TEACH: REMINISCENCES by Bliss Perry Perry, Bliss; 1935 
 4Out At Home Malloy, Jerry; 1983 
 5Jim "Mudcat" Grant: Frank Sinatra, Move Over Kiersh, Edward; 1983 
 6Notes On Negro League Baseball Lee, Jim; 1985 
 7Frank Grant  1985 
 8Frank Grant Malloy, Jerry; 1989 
 9Frank Grant Overmyer, James E.; 1991 
 10Bill Robinson's Ball Game Fleischer, Victor; 1992 
 11The Cubans' Last Stand Malloy, Jerry; 1992 
 12Black Players in the Minors  1992 
 13Robinson's Breakthrough Not First Pietrusza, David; 1993 
 14Bitterness Was Aimed at Players Pietrusza, David; 1993 
 15Sol White's History of Colored Base Ball, With Other Documents on the Early Black Game 1886-1936 White, Sol, Compiled; Introduced By Jerry Malloy; 1995 
 16Fleet Walker's Divided Heart: the Life of Baseball's First Black Major Leaguer Zang, David W.; 1995 
 17Turn Out the Lights, Please, As You Leave Von Borries, Philip; 1998 
 18Black Baseball Entrepreneurs, 1860-1901: Operating By Any Means Necessary Lomax, Michael E.; 2003 
 19Jim Crow Comes North McDonald, David; 2005 
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