September 4, 2015
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 1Cardinals Buy Third Negro Player  1953 
 2'HR' Becomes Single When Padre Passes Mate On Paths  1960 
 3Speedy Robinson Bats Way Out of Padre Doghouse Keller, Earl; 1960 
 4Kid Robinson No. 1 Swatter For Pale Hose Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 5Slugger Sievers Shooting at New Chisox HR Mark Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 6Kid Fans Select All-Star Rookie Team For Topps  1961 
 7Floyd Robinson Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 8Robinson, Chisox Rookie, Undergoes Wrist Surgery Munzel, Edgar; 1961 
 9A True Broken-Wrist Hitter  1962 
 10Off-Season Athletes On Off-Beat Jobs  1962 
 11Floyd Packs Dynamite On Small, Wiry Frame Munzel, Edgar; 1962 
 12Cubs Had Chance To Obtain Robbie in Deal With Padres  1962 
 13Floyd Robinson's Rise; Though He Batted .311 as a Rookie and Appears Headed For One of Baseball's Brightest Careers, the White Sox Outfielder Is Seldom Satisfied Wih His Play. Says He: "Sometimes I Think Maybe I Overhustle" Kuenster, John; 1962 
 14Chicago White Sox Lebovitz, Hal; 1962 
 15Chicago White Sox Lebovitz, Hal; 1962 
 16Floyd Robinson: Chisox Cleanupper Furlong, Bill; 1963 
 17Chicago White Sox Lebovitz, Hal; 1963 
 18Conditions and Comments Stainback, Berry; 1964 
 19Inside Facts Roth, Allan; 1965 
 20Al Lopez: "He'll Accept a Mistake Once, But Never Twice" Furlong, Bill; 1965 
 21A Pictorial History of the White Sox: 1966 Yearbook  1966 
 22Only Two Have .300 Five-Year A.L. Averages Bryson, Bill; 1966 
 23May Wins a Berth in Bristol's Game of Musical Chairs Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 24Heart? Nolan Has It, Claim Red Opponents Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 25Tommy Returns to Action With All His Guns Blazing Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 26Gary Nolan Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 27A's Obtain Floyd Robinson to Cure One-Run Setbacks n; 1967 
 28Luck is With A's in Risking Robby Bergman, Ron; 1967 
 29Reds Prepare for Operation Big Switch Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 30$100,000 Salary--Reds' Ace Maloney Expects to Make It Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 31He Isn't the Other F. Robinson: Just Call Him Floyd Collett, Ritter; 1967 
 32Strong Man of the Reds Collett, Ritter; 1967 
 33Slipping Vets Earn Another Shot At Majors  1968 
 34Floyd Robinson Swank, Bill; 1997 
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