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 1Ferguson Jenkins: Victory Over Himself Furlong, Bill; 1968 
 2Baseball's Superstars of Tomorrow Greene, Lee; 1968 
 3Baseball's Superstars of Tomorrow Greene, Lee; 1968 
 4Fergie Jenkins - Most Consistent Winner in Majors Ferguson, Jim; 1971 
 5Fergie Jenkins - Most Consistent Winner in Majors Ferguson, Jim; 1971 
 6Inside Pitching Jenkins, Ferguson; with Dave Fisher; 1972 
 7Tom Seaver, Dave McNally, Ferguson Jenkins, Mickey Lolich: Great Pitchers Series I Klein, Dave; 1972 
 8Ferguson Jenkins: Anonymous Ace Furlong, William Barry; 1972 
 9Like Nobody Else: the Fergie Jenkins Story Jenkins, Ferguson; 1973 
 10The King in Exile Murray, Jim; 1974 
 11Baseball's Champions: the Cy Young Award Winners Butler, Hal; 1974 
 12New Breed Heroes in Pro Baseball Gutman, Bill; 1974 
 13Stars of the Major Leagues Klein, Dave; 1974 
 14Ferguson Jenkins Klein, Dave; 1974 
 15Some Changes Have Been Made Goldberg, Hy; 1974 
 16Baseball's Champion Pitchers: the Cy Young Award Winners Butler, Hal; 1975 
 17Ferguson Jenkins: the Quiet Winner Pashko, Stanley; 1975 
 18Ferguson Jenkins: The Big Steal In Texas Schlossberg, Dan; 1975 
 19Ferguson Jenkins: Canada's Best  1978 
 20The Game is Never Over: An Appreciative History of the Chicago Cubs, 1948-1980 Langford, Jim; 1980 
 21Ferguson Jenkins (1965-present) Allen, Maury; 1981 
 22Basepaths: From the Minor Leagues to the Majors and Beyond Gunther, Marc; 1984 
 23Fergie Jenkins Bove, Vincent; 1984 
 24Ferguson Jenkins Ritter, Lawrence And Donald Honig; 1986 
 25Heroes, Bums and Ordinary Men: Profiles in Canadian Baseball Turner, Dan; 1988 
 26They Also Ran Honig, Donald; 1988 
 27Fergie Jenkins Turner, Dan; 1988 
 28Legends: Conversations With Baseball Greats Rust, Art, Jr.; with Mike Marley; 1989 
 29The Cubs of '69: Recollections of the Team That Should Have Been Talley, Rick; 1989 
 3069 Cubs  1990 
 31Ferguson Jenkins, CM, Comes To Cooperstown Humber, William; 1991 
 32Slow Road to Excitement Honig, Donald; 1991 
 33Ferguson Jenkins Phalen, Rick; 1992 
 34Ferguson Jenkins Of Chatham, Canada's Greatest Ballplayer Shearon, Jim; 1994 
 35Great Moments in Canadian Baseball Kendall, Brian; 1995 
 36All I Thought About Was Baseball: Writings on a Canadian Pastime Humber, William; John St. James, eds.; 1996 
 37Seasons in Hell: With Billy Martin, Whitey Herzog and 'The Worst Baseball Teams in History' - the 1973-1975 Texas Rangers Shropshire, Mike; 1996 
 38Ferguson "Fergie" Jenkins - 1971 Wilbert, Warren and William Hageman; 1997 
 39Who Were the Best Players Never to Play in the World Series? Nistler, Tony; 1997 
 40The 400 Home Run Club Kaplan, Ron; 1998 
 41Canada Dry Wit Snyder, Deron; 1999 
 42Eighteen Stalwart Pitchers Holody, Richard; 1999 
 43The Minority Quarterback and Other Lives in Sports Berkow, Ira; 2002 
 44For the Love of the Cubs: An A-to-Z Pirmer for Cub Fans of All Ages Klein, Frederick C.; 2003 
 45Seasons in Hell: With Billy Martin, Whitey Herzog and 'The Worst Baseball Teams in History' - the 1973-1975 Texas Rangers Shropshire, Mike; 2005 
 46The Chattanooga Lookouts & 100 Seasons of Scenic City Baseball Martini, Stephen; 2005 
 47The Northern Game: Baseball the Canadian Way Elliott, Bob; 2005 
 48Miracle Collapse: The 1969 Chicago Cubs Feldmann, Doug; 2006 
 49Fergie: My Life from the Cubs to Cooperstown Jenkins, Fergie; with Lew Freedman; 2009 
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