September 3, 2015
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 1Ernie White, One of the Young Card Pitchers of Whom Great Things Are Expected  1942 
 2The Stole the Series From the Stars Paxton, Harry T.; 1949 
 3They Stole the Series From the Stars Paxton, Harry T.; 1949 
 4  1950 
 5Manager Devises Catching 'Platoon'  1953 
 6Willie Davis Tops Classy Kid Talent Adams, Wilbur; 1960 
 7First-Season Pilots Show Heels To Vets Gregory, L.H.; 1960 
 8Gate Drop Plagues High-Flying Solons Adams, Wilbur; 1960 
 9Mobile's Plans Up in Air; Need a Working Agreement n; 1961 
 10Met Farm Camp Fills Talent Gap With Eager Kids King, Joe; 1961 
 11Frank Robinson Comes of Age Lawson, Earl; 1962 
 12The '42 Cardinals Broeg, Bob; 1963 
 13Mahatma, Mazuma Hard to Part: White Recalls His `42 Battle to Get $1,000 Hike to $4,200 Young, Dick; 1963 
 14Ex-Southpaw Ernie White Joins Met Coaching Staff  1963 
 15Slab Vet Kucks Cooks Surprise in Comeback Bid Kremenko, Barney; 1963 
 16The Pitcher's Fielding and Pickoff Moves McConnell, Mickey; 1965 
 17n; 1974 
 18They Tasted Glory: Among the Missing At the Baseball Hall of Fame Linkugel, Wil A.; Edward J. Pappas; 1998 
 19Ernest Daniel "Ernie" White Wilbert, Warren; 2000 
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