August 29, 2015
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 1The Yankee From Georgia; Spud Chandler Changed His Pitching Luck With Four Hard-To-Hit Deliveries: a Fast Ball, a Slider, a Curve and a Fork Ball Harwell, Ernie; F.M. Williams; 1944 
 2Baseball's Batty Bargains Harwell, Ernie; 1944 
 3Found: A Popular Umpire Harwell, Ernie; 1944 
 4The Knife and Fork League; Tales of the Ball-Playing Trenchermen Who Ate Their Way Out of the Big League Harwell, Ernie; Illustrated by Greenhalgh; 1946 
 5Baseball Among the Headhunters Harwell, Ernie; 1947 
 6They're Tops With Veterans in U.S. Hospitals - Chesterfield Is By Far the Favorite Cigarette  1947 
 7 Vernon, Ted; 1950 
 8 Vernon, Ted; 1950 
 9Wanted: a Mr. Baseball Harwell, Ernie; 1951 
 10The Giants New Meal Ticket Harwell, Ernie; 1951 
 11 Bennett, Biff; 1951 
 12Baseball's Hall of Blame Harwell, Ernie; 1952 
 13WPIX(TV) Will Telecast 24 Yankees, Giants Road Games  1953 
 14You Need Spring Training Too! Orr, Jack; 1954 
 15Oriole Games to Be Aired on Both Radio and TV  1954 
 16Who Is the Man On Your Team To Watch This Year?  1956 
 17Nobody Loves An Umpire Harwell, Ernie; 1959 
 18Nobody Loves An Umpire Harwell, Ernie; 1959 
 19Billy O'Dell Harwell, Ernie; 1959 
 20Harwell-Kell Combo Will Air Tiger Tilts Spoelstra, Watson; 1959 
 21Two Score On Beanball Smith, Lyall; 1960 
 22  1960 
 23  1960 
 24NBC's Radio and TV System Will Carry All-Star Games  1961 
 25Harwell: Tiger Win Streak Harwell, Ernie; 1961 
 26Bengals Arrange $900,000 Deal for Radio Rights Spoelstra, Watson; 1965 
 27Harwell Delivers Moving Eulogy to Pilot Dressen n; 1966 
 28Harwell Donates Baseball Lore to Detroit Library n; 1966 
 29Name the Aircaster Traded for Catcher: Detroit's Harwell Holds a Real Distinction Falls, Joe; 1967 
 30Ad Club Hails Thompson n; 1967 
 31Fans Irate Over 'Desecrated' Anthem Stanton, Barbara; 1968 
 32 Falls, Joe; 1968 
 33New Five-Year Contract For Announcer Harwell  1969 
 34The Game I'll Never Forget Harwell, Ernie, as told toDave Nightingale; 1969 
 35The Game For All America Harwell, Ernie; 1971 
 36Harwell's Love Affair With Baseball Craig, Jack; 1971 
 37Media Vets Get Watches  1971 
 38The Miracle of Coogan's Bluff Allen, Maury; and Harwell, Ernie; 1971 
 39Spring Training's Beginnings n; 1972 
 40Man With a Mission Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1973 
 41Crooner Slayback Nets $135 From Aaron Disc Hawkins, Jim; 1974 
 42Decline of the Baseball Beat Young, Dick; 1974 
 43Classiest Athlete? A Writer Votes for Reese Rosenthal, Harold; 1974 
 44Start of Spring Training Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1975 
 45Kiner Named President of Broadcasters' Group  1975 
 46Show Biz vs. Know Biz Leggett, William; 1976 
 47Cosell and Friends Struck Out in Broadcast Booth Craig, Jack; 1976 
 48One Harwell-20 Cosells Holtzman, Jerome; 1977 
 49When Ty Cobb Collected His 4,000th Hit Harwell, Ernie; 1977 
 50Pro Outreach Conference Lauded By Dark, Harwell Spolestra, Watson; 1977 
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