August 30, 2015
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 1Young Men at Work, Maybe Terrell, Roy; 1959 
 2Solly Sees Rocketing Redbirds Battling Buccos Down To Wire Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 3Pitchers Drop Patsy Roles in 11-Game Batting Streak  1960 
 4Cards Ace Jackson Plays 20-Win Tune After Off-Key Notes Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 5Geared-Up Cards Carry On Search For Fifth Starter Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 6Logan, Broglio Trade Blows After Collision On Base Line  1960 
 7Solly Continues Shuffling Cards in Search For Clutch Wallopers Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 8Fireballer Broglio Leading Charge in Birds' Final Push Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 9Old Pro Stan Decides He'll Help Birds 'Win Pennant Next Year' Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 10Giants Couldn't Wait For Ernie To Mature Stevens, Bob; 1960 
 11Confidence Put Broglio in 20-Win Circle: Strong-Armed Redbird Blazes After Gloomy 7-12 Debut; Whiff Expert 9-2 Against Bucs, Braves Ray, Ralph; 1960 
 12Ernie Won $5 Dare, Jumped in Swim Pool Fully Clothed  1960 
 13Solly's Sizzling Quip Caused Broglio To Change His Style  1960 
 14'Dean' Jackson's Slab Tips Help Ernie Lower His ERA  1960 
 15Cards Strutting Over High-Class Crew of Curvers Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 16Moryn, Grammas Heroics Help Keep Bird Bid Alive Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 17The Long Season Brosnan, Jim; 1960 
 18Earned Run Averages Of Big-League Pitchers(Up To July,14,1960)(St. Louis Cardinals) Simons, Herbert; 1960 
 19Former Redbird Moon Wings Ex-Mates With Homer Salvo  1961 
 20Steady Socking By Javier Spurs Climbing Cards Russo, Neal; 1961 
 21Broglio Buc Master in '60 - But Big Patsy This Year  1961 
 22Corsairs Halt Broglio Hex - Hand Card Hurler 6-0 Loss  1961 
 23Broglio Wins Second Shorty  1961 
 24Ernie Broglio: Purloined Redbird Peck, Ira; 1961 
 25St. Louis Cardinals Kelly, Ray; 1961 
 26St. Louis Cardinals Kelly, Ray; 1961 
 27Columbus Stages Dazzling Parade of Athletic Heroes n; 1961 
 28Hemus High on Redbirds' Mound Kids Stockton, Roy; 1961 
 29Card Tutors Teach Vets New Tricks Stockton, Roy; 1961 
 30Garagiola, Joe; 1961 
 31Terrific Tandem for Classy Cards n; 1961 
 32Herman, Jack; 1961 
 33Cards Double Broglio Pay, Lindy in Line for Increase Kahan, Oscar; 1961 
 34Mantle, Other Stars Help Open Martin's Restaurant Stevens, Bob; 1961 
 35St. Louis Scribes Serve Rib-Tickling Roasts: City's Champ Athletes Cited Before 1,050; Laughs and Cheers Ring Out Kahan, Oscar; 1961 
 36St. Louis Cardinals Lang, Jack; 1962 
 37St. Louis Cardinals Lang, Jack; 1962 
 38The Gashouse Revisited  1963 
 39Glove Great Groat Tosses Bouquet to Card Curvers Russo, Neal; 1963 
 40Speed-Up Rules Make Hit With Hurlers: Only Handful Oppose New Legislation Kahan, Oscar; 1963 
 41`300 More Hits for Us,' Says Broglio  1963 
 42Redbird Big Three: 11-0 Mark in April Russo, Neal; 1963 
 43Pay Cut Goads Curt to Grab Ace Ranking on Cards' Slab Corps Russo, Neal; 1963 
 44Cards Chirp Over Flashy Mound Jobs Stockton, J. Roy; 1963 
 45Old Nemesis Broglio Greets Groat on First Trip to Dish  1963 
 46The Dodgers Down the Stretch Libby, Bill; 1964 
 47Of Balks and Men: It's the Only Rule That Confuses Most Fans Collett, Ritter; 1965 
 48the Awakening of Lou Brock Vecsey, George; 1965 
 49Inside Facts Roth, Allan; 1965 
 50n; 1966 
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