October 20, 2014
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 1Young Men at Work, Maybe Terrell, Roy; 1959 
 2Cards Strutting Over High-Class Crew of Curvers Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 3'Dean' Jackson's Slab Tips Help Ernie Lower His ERA  1960 
 4Solly's Sizzling Quip Caused Broglio To Change His Style  1960 
 5Ernie Won $5 Dare, Jumped in Swim Pool Fully Clothed  1960 
 6Confidence Put Broglio in 20-Win Circle: Strong-Armed Redbird Blazes After Gloomy 7-12 Debut; Whiff Expert 9-2 Against Bucs, Braves Ray, Ralph; 1960 
 7Giants Couldn't Wait For Ernie To Mature Stevens, Bob; 1960 
 8Old Pro Stan Decides He'll Help Birds 'Win Pennant Next Year' Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 9Fireballer Broglio Leading Charge in Birds' Final Push Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 10Solly Continues Shuffling Cards in Search For Clutch Wallopers Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 11Logan, Broglio Trade Blows After Collision On Base Line  1960 
 12Geared-Up Cards Carry On Search For Fifth Starter Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 13Cards Ace Jackson Plays 20-Win Tune After Off-Key Notes Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 14Pitchers Drop Patsy Roles in 11-Game Batting Streak  1960 
 15Solly Sees Rocketing Redbirds Battling Buccos Down To Wire Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 16Moryn, Grammas Heroics Help Keep Bird Bid Alive Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 17The Long Season Brosnan, Jim; 1960 
 18Earned Run Averages Of Big-League Pitchers(Up To July,14,1960)(St. Louis Cardinals) Simons, Herbert; 1960 
 19Garagiola, Joe; 1961 
 20Ernie Broglio: Purloined Redbird Peck, Ira; 1961 
 21St. Louis Cardinals Kelly, Ray; 1961 
 22St. Louis Cardinals Kelly, Ray; 1961 
 23Broglio Wins Second Shorty  1961 
 24Corsairs Halt Broglio Hex - Hand Card Hurler 6-0 Loss  1961 
 25Broglio Buc Master in '60 - But Big Patsy This Year  1961 
 26Steady Socking By Javier Spurs Climbing Cards Russo, Neal; 1961 
 27Former Redbird Moon Wings Ex-Mates With Homer Salvo  1961 
 28Columbus Stages Dazzling Parade of Athletic Heroes n; 1961 
 29Hemus High on Redbirds' Mound Kids Stockton, Roy; 1961 
 30Card Tutors Teach Vets New Tricks Stockton, Roy; 1961 
 31Terrific Tandem for Classy Cards n; 1961 
 32Herman, Jack; 1961 
 33Cards Double Broglio Pay, Lindy in Line for Increase Kahan, Oscar; 1961 
 34Mantle, Other Stars Help Open Martin's Restaurant Stevens, Bob; 1961 
 35St. Louis Scribes Serve Rib-Tickling Roasts: City's Champ Athletes Cited Before 1,050; Laughs and Cheers Ring Out Kahan, Oscar; 1961 
 36St. Louis Cardinals Lang, Jack; 1962 
 37St. Louis Cardinals Lang, Jack; 1962 
 38Old Nemesis Broglio Greets Groat on First Trip to Dish  1963 
 39Cards Chirp Over Flashy Mound Jobs Stockton, J. Roy; 1963 
 40The Gashouse Revisited  1963 
 41Glove Great Groat Tosses Bouquet to Card Curvers Russo, Neal; 1963 
 42Speed-Up Rules Make Hit With Hurlers: Only Handful Oppose New Legislation Kahan, Oscar; 1963 
 43`300 More Hits for Us,' Says Broglio  1963 
 44Redbird Big Three: 11-0 Mark in April Russo, Neal; 1963 
 45Pay Cut Goads Curt to Grab Ace Ranking on Cards' Slab Corps Russo, Neal; 1963 
 46The Dodgers Down the Stretch Libby, Bill; 1964 
 47Inside Facts Roth, Allan; 1965 
 48the Awakening of Lou Brock Vecsey, George; 1965 
 49Of Balks and Men: It's the Only Rule That Confuses Most Fans Collett, Ritter; 1965 
 50n; 1966 
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