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 1 Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by Eugene Zimmerman; 1912 
 2When the Bases Are Full; How the Great Pitchers of the Big Leagues Cope With An Emergency - Speed Is What They Consider the Chief Asset Palmer, Eric Harold; 1913 
 3Round the Green Diamond Goewey, Edwin A.; 1916 
 4The Tallest Pitcher in The Game Kofoed, J.C.; 1916 
 5  1916 
 6Bancroft to Miss Reds' Spring Trip Phelon, W.A.; 1921 
 7Phils Should Be Helped a Lot By Their Deal With Cincinnati Isaminger, James C.; 1921 
 8Buck Herzog Loses None of His Business Ability Anyway Isaminger, James C.; 1921 
 9How I Became a Champion Base Stealer Carey, Max; 1921 
 10Some of the Big League Trades of Recent Days Ward, John J.; 1921 
 11The Pennant Race Grows Hot Phelon, W. A.; 1922 
 12At Home with the Ballplayers  1923 
 13The Strange Case of Adolfo Luque Lane, F.C.; 1923 
 14With the Big League Ball Players in Their Winter Homes  1924 
 15With the Big League Ball Players in Their Winter Homes  1924 
 16Where Height Is a Telling Factor Lane, F.C.; 1925 
 17'Calling Them' with George Moriarty Moriarty, George; 1926 
 18The Leading Members of the Cincinnati Reds Who Have Remained Strictly in the Pennant Race and within Striking Distance of the Top Since the Very Beginning of the Season  1926 
 19Winter Glimpses of Famous Baseball Stars  1927 
 20The Four Leading Types of Pitching Talent Benton, Larry, from an interview with; 1927 
 21Shaming Youth Rice, Grantland; Illustrated by Pedro Llanuza; 1931 
 22When Clock Strikes Forty  1934 
 23The Jinx. A Lingering Shadow of the Diamond Robert, Harry Jr.; 1934 
 24  1935 
 25The Fifth Infielder Winerip, Harold; 1946 
 26Kid Duo Compared to '15 Phil Flag Pair; Righthander Roberts and Southpaw Simmons Loom as Future Alexander and Rixey Combine Baumgartner, Stan; 1950 
 27The Philadelphia Phillies Baumgartner, Stan; 1951 
 28Eppa (Jeptha) Rixey Smith, Ira; 1954 
 29Cincinnati Redlegs Official 1955 Yearbook Zureick, Hank, compiler; 1955 
 30Cincinnati's All-Time Best Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1958 
 31The Phillies' All-Time Best Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1958 
 32Groat Among Few To Leap From Campus To Big Time  1960 
 33It Wasn't Eppa Jeptha Allen, Lee; 1963 
 34Tornado Followed Eppa's Blasting At Platter Allen, Lee; 1963 
 35Game Salutes Four New Shrine Immortals: Veterans' Committee Selects Clarkson, Rixey, Rice, Flick Daniel, Dan; 1963 
 36Nearly One-Fourth of Shrine Berths Occupied By Pitchers  1963 
 37Pixy Eppa Rixey Greets Big Event With Wisecrack Lawson, Earl; 1963 
 38Limit On Shrine Membership?  1963 
 39Gangling Eppa Surprised Foes as Agile Glove Man  1963 
 40Rixey, Oeschger Welcomed College Grad Baumgartner  1963 
 41Rixey Dies Month After Election to Shrine: Heart Attack Fatal to Star Hurler at 71; Eppa Leaped From College to Major Job Lieb, Frederick G.; 1963 
 42Eppa Could Spin Yarns by the Hour Harmon, Pat; 1963 
 43Enshrine All Worthy Old-Timers--Now King, Joe; 1963 
 44Elmer the Great n; 1963 
 45  1963 
 46Eppa Rixey Allen, Lee; and Tom Meany; 1965 
 47Rube Bressler Ritter, Lawrence S.; 1966 
 48Roush Tabbed Greatest Red of All Harmon, Pat; 1969 
 49Clyde Sukeforth, 1924-34; 1945 Honig, Donald; 1975 
 50Eppa Rixey: A Virginia Gentleman Goldblatt, Abe; Wentz, Robert W.; 1976 
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