September 3, 2015
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 1Both Chicago Clubs Will Show Almost New Teams This Year Reichow, Oscar C.; 1921 
 2  1943 
 3Veeck Gets Cold Shoulder From Coast Baseball Men  1953 
 4Seals Sold  1953 
 5  1956 
 6Saffell Back at Reno Helm After Four-Day Suspension Cobb, Ty; 1960 
 7Financial Woes Threaten Two California Loop Clubs Gandolfo, Lou; 1960 
 8Newcomer Raps HR, Misses Plate, Club Loses, 11 To 10  1960 
 9California Clubs Postpone Openers Due To Giants' TV Gandolfo, Lu; 1961 
 10`California, Here I Come!' Warbles Eugene's Gilbert n; 1966 
 11Modesto Emerges Winner in Cal Forfeit Squabble n; 1967 
 12Editor Sheds No Tears Over Reno's Troubles n; 1967 
 13Orions Purchase Lodi Franchise n; 1972 
 14Peters: Minors a $16 Million Business Voellinger, Art; 1973 
 15Bush League: A History of Minor League Baseball Obojski, Robert; 1975 
 16The Pacific Coast League: The Long Season And Giantlike Statistics Obojski, Robert; 1975 
 17Caloop Names New President n; 1976 
 18Old PCL - A 200-Game Season: Mulligan Reminisces Broeg, Bob; 1977 
 19Edward Joseph Mulligan  1978 
 20Eddie Mulligan Spalding, John; 1994 
 21The Hot Corner  1996 
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