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 1Players You Ought to Know Bloodgood, Clifford; 1924 
 2A Breadon Appointment Veech, Ellis J.; 1944 
 3Baseball: Cards vs. Red Sox  1946 
 4Baseball: the Cat's Series  1946 
 5St. Louis Takes the Lead  1946 
 6The Mahatma's Magic Miller, Hub; 1946 
 7Rival Managers of the 1946 World Series; Joe Cronin (Left) and Eddie Dyer  1946 
 8Eddie Dyer, the Soft-Spoken Southerner Who Manages the St. Louis Cardinals  1946 
 9Beans in the Soup  1947 
 10Baseball: Batting at Robinson  1947 
 11Who's Who in Baseball is the Original Record Book of Its Kind  1947 
 12  1947 
 13Who's Who In Baseball is the Original Record Book of its Kind  1947 
 14Dyer Wants to Win This One Rice, Grantland; 1947 
 15Night Life of the Cards Fay, Bill; photos by Hy Peskin; 1948 
 16Baseball: Late Starters  1949 
 17Kazak Spelled Backward in Kazak Manning, Gordon; Photos by Jack Zehrt; 1949 
 18That Man  1949 
 19Manager's Mail Veech, Ellis J.; 1949 
 20Baseball: Turnabout  1950 
 21Managers Don't Win Pennants Gross, Milton; 1950 
 22Old Age Benefits  1950 
 23The Open Season Lardner, John; 1950 
 24The Crafty Cardinal Cleveland, Charles B.; 1950 
 25Redbirds Stronger than in '49 - Dyer; Points to Better Infeild, Garagiola's Improvement; Capt. Slaughter Comes Out of Slump With Bang Broeg, Bob; 1950 
 26N.L. Flag Club to Need Less Than 97 Wins, Says Dyer  1950 
 27[cover illustration]  1950 
 28St. Louis Commerce: Fifth Annual Baseball Issue Piper, Harry M., ed.; 1950 
 29The Expendables of Baseball  1951 
 30How to Stay Young in the Majors Slaughter, Enos (As told to George Johnson); 1953 
 31How to Stay Young in the Majors Slaughter, Enos (As told to George Johnson); 1953 
 32Pitchers Make Lousy Managers Rosenthal, Harold; 1954 
 33Richards Could Be Fourth To Win Minor-Major Awards  1960 
 34Card Pilot, Front Office Finally in Step: Keane and Devine Back Youth Movement and Farm System; Lack of Unity Marks Club's 10-Year Flop; G.M. Clashed With Solly On Status of Vets Burnes, Bob; 1961 
 35Colts To Salute Houston's Old-Time Minor Loop Stars  1961 
 36Ten-Gallon Hats Tossed High By Jubilant Texans Nealon, Clark; 1961 
 37Game's Greats Help Houston Stage Smashing Debut Party Nealon, Clark; 1961 
 38Musial Hints '61 May Be His Last Year as Player n; 1961 
 39  1964 
 40How Sisler Will Run the Reds Burick, Si; 1965 
 41The 6 Biggest Mysteries of the World Series: Dyer Consequence Simons, Herbert; 1965 
 42A.L. Shooting For Lucky 7 in All-Star Game: Junior Loop Won in '37, '47, and '57 Lieb, Frederick G.; 1967 
 43Lolich to Receive Award at Houston Dinner  1969 
 44Edison Dickson Was Light Bulb on Mound Broeg, Bob; 1973 
 45Rare Feat By Ex-Hurler Lasorda Koppett, Leonard; 1977 
 46Enos Slaughter, On His Toes Wicker, Tom; 1979 
 47Columbus Red Birds: Junior World Series Champions 1941-1943 Holl, James; 1994 
 48Seasons: Standings, Leaders: 1946 James, Bill; John Dewan; Neil Munro; Don Zminda, eds.; 1998 
 49Milltown Yank Miller, Matt; 2002 
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