May 27, 2015
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 1Future 'Jackie Robinsons': Amateur Teams Will Supply Major Leagues With New Crop of Negro Stars  1952 
 2Future 'Jackie Robinsons': Amateur Teams Will Supply Major Leagues With New Crop of Negro Stars  1952 
 3Kids Shove Hub's Ex-Mound Stars Into Relief Roles Hurwitz, Hy; 1960 
 4Hillman Hurt While Bunting, Returned To Disabled List Hurwitz, Hy; 1960 
 5All-Star Troupe Will Tour South - 33-Game Sked  1960 
 6Scouting Reports On 1960 Major League Rookies - Boston Red Sox Simons, Herbert; 1960 
 7Cisco, Wilson Battle Back Mounties, Pad Seattle Lead  1961 
 8The Bunt's the Thing  1962 
 9Decked By Duster, He Rapped Double  1962 
 10Series Finale No. 1 On Thrill Parade Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1963 
 11No-Hit Hurlers Hailed At L.A. Sports Dinner Dyer, Braven; 1963 
 12Veale Maintains Big Wheel Role As Ponce Whiff Whiz Frau, Miguel; 1963 
 13Pesky Puffs Cigar, Sees Slab Worries Going Up in Smoke Monahan, Tom; 1963 
 14Imports Trip Natives, 4-1, in Puerto Rican Gleam Game Frau, Miguel; 1963 
 15Cookie Crumbles His Weak-Bat Tage With Fireworks At Platter Frau, Miguel; 1963 
 16Chat With Higgins Put Hub's Wilson On Winning Track Hurwitz, Hy; 1963 
 17Tireless Twirler Dustal--Hero of Injun Title Drive Frau, Miguel; 1963 
 18Dorish Earns Doctor's Degree for Tutor Job With Hub Hurlers Hurwitz, Hy; 1963 
 19Wilson, Earl; 1965 
 20Earl Wilson Spoelstra, Watson; 1966 
 21Tigers Develop New Knockout Punch From Wilson's Wallop Spoelstra, Watson; 1966 
 22Back Injury Nips Wilson's Bid for Fifth Win in Row n; 1966 
 23Inside Facts Roth, Allan; 1966 
 24Biggest Baseball Clinic: 5,000 Baton Rouge Youths Get Coaching From Pro Stars  1966 
 25A Portfolio of Hitting Pitchers Ferdenzi, Til; 1966 
 26Player of the Week Weiskopf, Herman; 1966 
 27 Roth, Allan; 1967 
 28The Turning Point For Earl Wilson Falls, Joe; 1967 
 29Now It Was Detroit's Turn To Be King of the Hill Waldmeir, Pete; 1967 
 30Gentleman Jim Shows Pier Six Streak on Bosox Hill Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 31Wilson-Oyler Pickoff Play Snares Rare Prize, Mantle n; 1967 
 32Tigers Limp With Horton Out of Action Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 33Wilson Predicts .300 Bat Mark for Red Sox' Reggie n; 1967 
 34Dizzy Days at the Top n; 1967 
 35Homer-Hitting Earl Turns to Singles to Shake Skid n; 1967 
 36Four Tiger Pinch-Hitters Whiff in Same Contest Livy, Bernie; 1967 
 37Motor City Fans Have Hero--Earl Big Man at Bat, on Mound Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 38Friendship Ceases When Game Begins, Wilson Says n; 1967 
 39Bubba Enjoying Heavenly Days in Angel Garb Newhan, Ross; 1967 
 40Wilson Recalls His Rocky Debut in '59 n; 1967 
 41Wilson Cools It to Heat Up on Hill Falls, Joe; 1967 
 42`You Age Too Fast as Manager'--Earl n; 1967 
 43Earl of Detroit--When He's Sharp, Bengals Are Too Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 44Baseball Leggett, William; 1967 
 45Look Out for the Tigers Goldberg, Hy; 1967 
 46Three Tigers Top A.L. Star Team: Twin Rookie Carew Wins at 2nd Base Kahan, Oscar; 1967 
 47Lonborg an Easy Winner of A.L. Cy Young Award Lang, Jack; 1967 
 48Tigers' Starters Are Finest in Baseball, Wilson Insists Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 49Freehan Earns a Top-Cat Rating Among '67 Tigers Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 50Tigers Count on Freehan Bat Revival Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
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