September 3, 2015
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 1Detroit Tigers  1924 
 2Detroit Tigers  1924 
 3Many Are Called Schumacher, Harry; 1924 
 4  1933 
 5Winning Pitchers With Losing Clubs Raun, Arnold Warren; 1933 
 6Winning Pitchers With Losing Clubs Raun, Arnold Warren; 1933 
 7Freak Pitching Deliveries - Past and Present Bradley, Hugh; 1936 
 8Fame Busters Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1939 
 9Landis Host at Luncheon  1941 
 10The Bison Pic 1944  1944 
 11The Fifth Infielder-The Pitcher Whitehill, Earl; 1946 
 12  1954 
 13Pitchers: Hoffer To Feller May, George S.; 1955 
 14Washington's All-Star Team Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1958 
 15Fan 'Rioters' of '60 Sissies Compared With Old-Timers Daniel, Dan; 1960 
 16Baseball Boors I Have Known Summers, Bill; with Tim Cohane; 1960 
 17What I Didn't Tell During 27 Years Of Big League Umpiring Summers, Bill With Tim Cohane; 1960 
 18Unk Griffith's Greatest Deals Stann, Francis; 1960 
 19He Didn't Know the Territory Smith, Lyall; 1965 
 20Johnson `Greatest Ever' on Nat All-Time Club Whittlesey, Merrell; 1969 
 2113 Most Forgotten Stars in Major League History Grosshandler, Stan; 1980 
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