September 1, 2015
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 1Rookie Hunt  1947 
 2Young Men of Baseball  1947 
 3Slugger From Snohomish Fay, Bill; photos by Hy Peskin; 1948 
 4The Braves: the Pick and the Shovel Hirshberg, Al; 1948 
 5[cover illustration]  1948 
 6What Really Happened To the Boston Braves Hirshberg, Al; 1950 
 7  1950 
 8The Jesting First Baseman of Boston Paxton, Harry T.; 1951 
 9 Bennett, Biff; 1951 
 10Vic Wertz May Land Browns Among First Division Powers Down, Fred; 1953 
 11My Favorite Deer Hunt Smith, Stan; 1954 
 12Your Big-League Scrapbook #4 - The Philadelphia Phillies  1954 
 13Happy Travelers From Chicago Creamer, Robert; 1955 
 14Statistics Tell the Story Roth, Allan; 1955 
 15Statistics Tell the Story Roth, Allan; 1955 
 16The Turnover is Terrific Silverman, Al; 1955 
 17The Dell Baseball Annual Player Awards: American League  1956 
 18What They Say in the Dugout About: the White Sox Richman, Milton; and Arthur Richman; 1958 
 19Babe Pinelli Blasts Crybaby Ballplayers Pinelli, Babe; as told to Al Stump; 1959 
 20  1959 
 21Go Sox! Stop Yanks Bingham, Walter; 1960 
 22Ted McGrew, 'Youngster' of 80, Still Gives Classy Kids Keen Eye Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 234-Way Adcock Deal Involved But Profitable To Milwaukee Wolf, Bob; 1960 
 24Senor Scrapes Gems Off Major Scrap Pile: Torgy, Klu, Staley, Lown Among Rejuvenation Projects; Score Latest Item in Al's Discard Shop Prell, Ed; 1960 
 25Torgy Fires Steady Stream of Questions at Pilot Lopez  1960 
 26Babe Pinelli Blasts Crybaby Ballplayers Pinelli, Ralph "Babe" ( as told to Al Stump ); 1960 
 27Take Me Out To The Brawl Game Bisher, Furman; 1960 
 28Babe Pinelli Blasts Crybaby Ballplayers Pinelli, Ralph "Babe" ( as told to Al Stump ); 1960 
 29Ex-Teammate Torgy Wires Spahn After His No-Hitter Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 30Eddie O'Brien Gets Seattle Tutor Post Isle, Stan; 1968 
 31Young Yanks Famous, Relatively Speaking Heeren, Dave; 1968 
 32Announcing...An All-New Year's Team Allen, Lee; 1969 
 33Baseball's For Fan, Not for Camera Twombly, Wells; 1974 
 34 Torgeson, Earl; As told to Bill Schaefer; 1977 
 35Earl Torgeson Stern, Chris; 1979 
 36Earl Torgeson: Shadow Boxing Kiersh, Edward; 1983 
 37Passings  1990 
 38  1990 
 39Place Hitters (and Pitchers) (cont.) Zminda, Don; 1999 
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