August 29, 2015
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 1The Tough Break Evans, Billy; 1914 
 2Echoes from the Field and Clubhouse Reeves, Grant T.; 1915 
 3Dutch Leonard's Three Ambitions Lane, F.C.; 1916 
 4How I Lost the World's Series Alexander, Grover Cleveland; 1916 
 5 Hoefer, W.R.; 1918 
 6Cobb Mania Seizes Detroit as Ty Makes Bow as Manager Salsinger, H.G.; 1921 
 7Where Do Big League Ball Players Come From? Reed, Robert H.; 1925 
 8Scandal  1927 
 9Are Baseball Games Framed? the Inside Story of What Led Up To the Major League Scandals Fullerton, Hugh; 1927 
 10On the Other Hand Cunningham, Bill; 1932 
 11Baseball Honor List: Walters, DiMaggio, Newsom, and Leonard On Top  1939 
 12He Stops the Yankees Costello, Al; 1939 
 13Catcher Killer Ruark, Bob; 1940 
 14  1942 
 15Pitcher's Heyday  1945 
 16Baseball's Traded Terrors Cohane, Tim; 1945 
 17Judge Landis: the Man Who Saved Baseball Fitzgerald, Ed; 1950 
 18Is the "Wartime Ballplayer" Coming Back? Parker, Dan; 1951 
 19 Bennett, Biff; 1951 
 20Chiti, Cub Rookie, to Catch Dad's Youth Pal Leonard Munzel, Edgar; 1952 
 21  1952 
 22Milestones Within Reach of 3 Major League Vets Sigmand, Howard; 1953 
 23Improving With Age Maver, Alan; 1953 
 24Too Old To Pitch? Don't Make Me Laugh Leonard, Dutch as told to Stanley Frank; 1953 
 25Baseball in Reverse Drake, Galen; 1953 
 26  1953 
 27 Roth, Allan; 1954 
 28That First Year Can Be the Hardest!: Even Some of the Biggest Stars Had Unhappy Beginnings Bursky, Herbert; 1954 
 29Game-Winning Pitches Reck, Frank; 1955 
 30Ex-Stars Keeping Wolf Awayas Successful Businessmen  1960 
 31Bonura 'Swipes' Base, Fields Like Gazelle For Nat Oldsters Addie, Bob; 1960 
 32Bengals Lost, Then Won Dramatically  1961 
 33Spahn Only Fourth to Make It More Than Four at 44 Stann, Francis; 1965 
 34Solace for Hall in Cobb Case Broeg, Bob; 1973 
 35He Didn't Knuckle Under Kaplan, Jim; 1977 
 36Ty Cobb Alexander, Charles C.; 1984 
 37Legends of Baseball: An Oral History of the Game's Golden Age Langford, Walter M.; 1987 
 38The Cobb Gambling Scandal Neff, Craig, ed.; 1989 
 39Knuckleball, Cut Fastball: New "in" Pitches in Majors? Castle, George; 1993 
 40The Cobb-Speaker Scandal: Exonerated but Probably Guilty Blaisdell, Lowell L.; 2005 
 41Spitballers: The Last Legal Hurlers of the Wet One Faber, Charles F.; and Richard B. Faber; 2006 
 42Ty Cobb Alexander, Charles C.; 2006 
 43Hubert Benjamin "Dutch" Leonard Jones, David; 2006 
 44The Major League Pennant Races of 1916: "The Most Maddening Baseball Melee in History" Zinn, Paul G.; and John G. Zinn; 2009 
 45The Original Curse: Did the Cubs Throw the 1918 World Series to Babe Ruth's Red Sox and Incite the Black Sox Scandal Deveney, Sean; 2009 
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