September 1, 2015
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 1On the Pacific Coast Feely, Paul J.; 1910 
 2How I Picked the Loser Phelon, Wm. A.; 1915 
 3The Star of the Series Kofoed, J.C.; 1915 
 4Nuggets in the National Game Evans, Billy; 1916 
 5All These Stars Endorse and Drink Coca-Cola  1916 
 6How I Lost the World's Series Alexander, Grover Cleveland; 1916 
 7  1916 
 8 Hoefer, W.R.; 1917 
 9Baseball's Greatest Season Opens Goewey, Edwin A.; 1919 
 10Wanted: Two "Lucky Dogs"  1919 
 11Leading Stars of the Winter Trade n; 1919 
 12What I Pitch to Babe Ruth and Why Johnson, Walter (As revealed from an interview with ); 1920 
 13When I Was the Star of a World's Series Lewis, Duffy ( As revealed from a little talk with ); 1920 
 14"Duffy" Lewis Want the D & M - the "Lucky Dog" Kind  1921 
 15Some of the Big League Trades of Recent Days Ward, John J.; 1921 
 16Which Big League Cities Have the Fairest Fans ? Sanborn, Irving E.; 1921 
 17The Limit of Human Skill in Batting Averages Lewis, Duffy; 1924 
 18The Limit of Human Skill in Batting Averages Lewis, Duffy; 1924 
 19Salt Lake City the Sluggers Paradise Bolles, Blair; 1927 
 20What Becomes of World's Series Heroes Burr, Harold C.; 1931 
 21Majoring for the Majors Bryson, Bill; 1936 
 22Oh, For the Life of a Road Sec! Daniel, Daniel M.; 1940 
 23The Hooper, Lewis, Speaker Trio Grayson, Harry; 1944 
 24World Series Team DeLuxe Rumill, Ed; 1944 
 25"Curtain Calls" Radcliffe, Howell A.; 1944 
 26  1944 
 27Duffy Lewis Recalls Rumill, Ed; 1945 
 28The Boston Red Sox Cunningham, Bill; 1950 
 29Milwaukee Braves 1958 Official Scorecard  1958 
 30Lewis and Berra Twice Led All Batsmen in Fall Classic  1960 
 31Hub Fans Salute Old Bosox Flyhawk Combo: Lewis, Speaker and Hooper Pegged Greatest of All-Time; Classy Trio Together For Six Seasons; Tris Tabbed By Scribes as 5th Infielder Lieb, Frederick G.; 1961 
 32Terrific Trio Never Played On Loser in World's Series  1961 
 33Lewis Copped PCL's Swat Title By Paper-Thin .0002  1961 
 34They Pinch Hit For the Greats Simons, Herbert; 1962 
 35The Greatest Outfield Performance Waxman, Wayne; 1965 
 36Duffy Lewis, Old-Time Star in Bosox Outfield, Honored n; 1966 
 37Friends to Fire Salute At Duffy Lewis April 18  1968 
 38Notoriety Obscures Carl Mays' Brilliant Record  1971 
 39Hall of Fame Hooper Plugs for Lewis and Gardner Kaese, Harold; 1972 
 40They Pinch Hit for the Greats ! Simons, Herb; 1972 
 41The Big Green Monster at Fenway Park Atkin, Ross; 1973 
 42Yanks Seek Addresses of 13 Former Players n; 1974 
 43Wendell Smith--A Pioneer for Black Athletes Holtzman, Jerome; 1974 
 44Classiest Athlete? A Writer Votes for Reese Rosenthal, Harold; 1974 
 45All You Ever Wanted in a Ball Park--and Less Maddocks, Melvin; 1975 
 46A Brief and Biased History of the Boston Red Sox Gabriel, Daniel; 1984 
 47Harry Hooper: An American Baseball Life Zingg, Paul J.; 1993 
 48Duffy Lewis Spalding, John E.; 1997 
 49Duffy Lewis Spalding, John E.; 1997 
 50Tony Lazzeri Spalding, John E.; 1997 
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