August 31, 2015
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 1Jolter Josephson--Rookie Bidding for Coast Swat Crown Koelling, Les; 1966 
 2Josephson MV in PCL; Ollom Leading Hurler Zimmerman, Hy; 1966 
 3"The Dodgers of the A. L." Goldberg, Hy; 1967 
 4McMahon Addition to Chisox Bullpen Munzel, Edgar; 1967 
 5Stanky, Aids Corral Ward in Go-Round With Ashford n; 1967 
 6No-Neck Out for Repairs--Can Chisox Survive Blow? Munzel, Edgar; 1967 
 7Chisox Attack New Limit on Disabled List Munzel, Edgar; 1967 
 8Limit on 60-Day List is Removed By Majors' Vote Munzel, Edgar; 1967 
 9A.L. Ready to Harvest Nifty New Frosh Crop Holbrook, Bob; 1967 
 10Wilhelm and Burgess Could Form a Graybeard Battery n; 1967 
 11Chicago White Sox n; 1967 
 12Down to the Wire, Then--Giants, Orioles Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 13Same White Sox Story: Good Field--No Hit Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 14The American League Managers' Secret Player Ratings Devaney, John; 1968 
 15Year Wasted For Josie, Top White Sox Catcher Holtzman, Jerome; 1969 
 16Chicago White Sox Vecsey, George; 1969 
 17Josephson Full of Fire After Winter Workouts  1970 
 18Angels Nixed Brave Offer of Carty For Tom Murphy  1970 
 19American League Offers New Instructional Movie  1970 
 20Bosox See Josephson Arrival as a Harbinger of Happy Days Claflin, Larry; 1971 
 21Catchers Are Back in Style  1971 
 22Sound Off? Not Chisox Battler Josey Munzel, Edgar; 1971 
 23Romo's Flop Mars Chisox Trading Rep Munzel, Edgar; 1971 
 24New Bounce in Boston - Thanks To Josephson Claflin, Larry; 1971 
 25Bosox Cure Gateway Ills, But Develop Bullpen Sore Claflin, Larry; 1972 
 26Bosox Have an Overflow of First-Base Hopefuls n; 1972 
 27Bosox Catching Job--A Tale of Woe Claflin, Larry; 1972 
 28Bosox Pull Triple Play, First of 1972 in Majors n; 1972 
 29Josey Falls From Favor--He's on Bosox Fringe Claflin, Larry; 1972 
 30Bosox Spin Wheels as Injuries Hit Key Players Claflin, Larry; 1972 
 31Red Sox' Josie Out for Three Months Claflin, Larry; 1973 
 32Opening Day: Always Special in Boston Warner, Chris; 1984 
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