August 28, 2015
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 1Protective Helmet For Use in Batting Urged By Reporter Martin, Whitney; 1953 
 2Brooklyn Prospect Victim of Beaning  1953 
 3The Minor's Ten Best Prospects  1954 
 4Dolled-Up Dodgers Barketin, George, photographer; 1956 
 5The Four Sides of The Beanball Argument Kahn, Roger; 1956 
 6The Dodgers Strain For a Championship Graham, Frank; 1956 
 7Twilight of the Bums Creamer, Robert; 1957 
 8  1957 
 9Babe Pinelli Blasts Crybaby Ballplayers Pinelli, Babe; as told to Al Stump; 1959 
 10Inter-league Trades Gelman, Steve; 1959 
 11Don Zimmer Hano, Arnold; 1959 
 12Los Angeles Dodgers  1959 
 13They're Still The Daffy Dodgers Finch, Frank; 1959 
 14Los Angeles Dodgers  1959 
 15Fast-Dealing Bavasi Shuffles Dodgers To Flag-Fighting Size Hunter, Bob; 1960 
 16Zim's Dream Comes True, But Not in Dodger Toggery Hunter, Bob; 1960 
 17Scrappy Zim Fires Up Cubs at Hot Corner Munzel, Edgar; 1960 
 18Dodgers Hail Their Ex-Pal Zim With Standing Ovation  1960 
 19Old Battler Zimmer Earns Break as Bruin  1960 
 20Surprised Zim Doffs Fedora To Banks For Flashy Fielding Munzel, Edgar; 1960 
 21Swap Separated Zim From His Softest Touch Durslag, Melvin; 1960 
 22Don Zimmer Baseball School To Open in Tampa, Dec. 24  1960 
 23Fiery Zim Blazes at Keystone, Pumping New Zing Into Bruins Holtzman, Jerry; 1960 
 24Zim Bristles - Vows Revenge For 'Bush Tactics' of Giants  1960 
 25Cubs Reel Off 'Double Play,' Retire Same Runner Twice  1960 
 26Tepee Simmers at Zimmer Dig About Restless Natives Wolf, Bob; 1960 
 27Taylor and Heist Hoist Cubs With 9th-Inning Clouts Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 28McMahon Cops Prize as Speediest Dresser  1961 
 29Injured Zim Junks Crutch, Muscles Into Cubs' Lineup Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 30Players Lead Cheers For a Right Guy - Buzzie Bavasi Lewis, Allen; 1961 
 31Cubs Hold Gripe Party - Then Let Bats Do Talking Enright, James; 1961 
 32Snazzy Santo Sets Dazzling Pace at Plate Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 33Thomas Bounces Off Bruins' Bench With Bat Blazing Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 34`Old Dog' Zimmer Learns New Trick Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 35Off Year For the Chicago Orgs Boyle, Robert H.; 1962 
 36Frankie Drops Bombs as Cincy King of Clout Lawson, Earl; 1962 
 37A Big Hand For Big Frank Stainback, Berry; 1963 
 38Don Zimmer's Uncle Named to Red Board of Directors  1963 
 39Reds Deal Zim to Dodgers For Minor League Pitcher  1963 
 40Four Met `Premium Picks' Now Wear Dodger Regalia Rosenthal, Harold; 1963 
 41Destiny's Whipping Boys Mann, Jack; 1965 
 42The Big Wait: Selkirk Starts War on Bringing in Pinch Hitters From Bullpen Whittlesey, Merrell; 1965 
 43If I Had the Wings Stainback, Berry; 1965 
 44Don Zimmer and the Ballplayer's Code Linn, Ed; 1965 
 45Status Quote  1965 
 46Old-Fashioned Smaller Gloves Better: Hartnett McGuff, Joe; 1965 
 47The Catch That Sent Brooklyn Gaga Stann, Francis; 1965 
 48Throwback to Good Old Days--Zimmer Finds Clothes Tied in Knots n; 1965 
 49Not a Single Player Left From Mets' First Lineup n; 1965 
 50Fear and the Beanball Allen, Maury; 1966 
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