September 3, 2015
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 1Sleeper Mincher's Fancy Clouts Giving Nats Wide-Awake Look Povich, Shirley; 1960 
 2Scouting Reports On 1960 Major League Rookies - Chicago White Sox Simons, Herbert; 1960 
 3Slugging Mincher in Second 3-Homer Game in 11 Days  1961 
 4Moncher, Minnesota Mauler, Muscles as No. 1 at Gateway Briere, Tom; 1961 
 5Frosh Savage Hero of Bison Playoff Kings Kritzer, Cy; 1961 
 6`Help Wanted' Signs Spur Kid Phenoms: Fading Stars, More Teams Open Up Jobs King, Joe; 1961 
 7Mincher Daylight Destroyer At Dish, Flop As Night Owl Goethel, Arno; 1962 
 8Minnesota Twins Lebovitz, Hal; 1962 
 9The Twin Who Threw Rocks Mincher, Don; 1965 
 10How Veeck Hurt the Sox Vass, George; 1965 
 11Pinch-King Minch Finds His Career Being Pinched Gordon, Dick; 1965 
 12Those Odd Twins Gordon, Dick; 1965 
 13Griffith Expects Trouble Signing Reluctant Twins Nichols, Max; 1965 
 14Sam Mele: a Study in Pressure Nichols, Max; 1966 
 15Mele Discovers Key to Platoon System and Twins Fly High Nichols, Max; 1966 
 16Bouton Hard-Luck King--Beaten in Near No-Hitter n; 1966 
 17'First Things First' Dugan, Ken; 1967 
 18Meek Dean Makes The Angels Squirm Nichols, Max; 1967 
 19Don's Bombs Erase Angel Swap Deficit Newhan, Ross; 1967 
 20Rigney Declared Innocent as Fallen Angels Flounder Newhan, Ross; 1967 
 21Mincher Receives Honor From Helms Foundation n; 1967 
 22Angels Find Big Bomb in Minch's Bat Newhan, Ross; 1967 
 23Mincher, Hall Fatten Angel Swat Larder Newhan, Ross; 1967 
 24It's Official--Angels Will Rehire Rigney Newhan, Ross; 1967 
 25Angels Are Coming--and A.L. Foes Tremble Newhan, Ross; 1967 
 26Mincher and Hall on Target, Combine for 22 Home Runs n; 1967 
 27Hot-as-Blazes Weather Helps Jose Light Fire Under Angels Newhan, Ross; 1967 
 28Economics Nurturing Home-Run Swing n; 1967 
 29Twin Blueprint Tags Killer as a Likely Man in Motion Goethel, Arno; 1967 
 30The Earthly Angels Give Rigney Big Lift Newhan, Ross; 1967 
 31Slugger Mincher Sees Deal as Real Calamity for Twins Newhan, Ross; 1967 
 32Dean Holds His Fire in War With Angels Nichols, Max; 1967 
 33Mincher Dismayed, Excited on Leaving Angels for Pilots Wiebusch, John; 1968 
 34Draftees' Optimism Buoys Pilots' Hopes Zimmerman, Hy; 1968 
 35Mincher Sings Happy Tune With Long Bow to Rigney Newhan, Ross; 1968 
 36Angels Snap Out of Bat Swoon After Jab From Rigney Needle Wiebusch, John; 1968 
 37Mincher Goes to Hospital, Suffers From Dizzy Spells  1968 
 38Reichardt, Ex-Mr. Wonderful, Goes on Angel Trading Block Wiebusch, John; 1968 
 39New Specs Aid Mincher  1968 
 40Angel Halos Askew After Bumpy Trip Newhan, Ross; 1968 
 41Pilots Looking Toward Mincher to Get `Em Over Choppy Seas Zimmerman, Hy; 1969 
 42Shortened Fences May Ignite Home Sprees at Seattle Zimmerman, Hy; 1969 
 43The Face Is Familiar, But What's That Team Again?  1969 
 44Ex-Casualties Putting Pilots in The Pink Zimmerman, Hy; 1969 
 45Foulup in Batting Order Costs Pilots Two Runs  1969 
 46Pilots Prosper on Road--All Hands Look Sharp Anderson, Lenny; 1969 
 47Twins' Batters Enjoy Feast When Catfish Serves 'Em  1969 
 48Mincher Power Lifts Stalled Pilots Anderson, Lenny; 1969 
 49Mincher's Health Okay, And Pitchers Know It! Zimmerman, Hy; 1969 
 50Expansion Jewel...A Comer? Wayne Proves He Is One Zimmerman, Hy; 1969 
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