September 5, 2015
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 1Piggyback & Leapfrog  1947 
 2Young Men of Baseball  1947 
 3Yankees Sign Young Negro Right-Hander  1953 
 4Johnson, Vietnam Grad, Invited to Braves' Camp  1969 
 5Great Impostor McCoy, Bob; 1989 
 6Hummers, Knucklers and Slow Curves: Contemporary Baseball Poems Johnson, Don, Ed.; 1991 
 7Negro League Veteran Touches All the Bases Miller, Sammy J.; 1993 
 8Donald Johnson "Don" Eaddy Moffi, Larry and Jonathan Kronstadt; 1994 
 9Friends in High Places Let Brooks Live Out a Dream Wilson, Bernie; 1998 
 10Don Johnson Bitker, Steve; 1998 
 11Don Johnson Kelley, Brent; 1998 
 12Don Johnson: The Youngest Yankee Kelley, Brent P.; 1998 
 13Take Me Out to the Cubs Game: 35 Former Ballplayers Speak of Losing At Wrigley Skipper, John C.; 2000 
 14Don Johnson, Cubs Second Baseman, 1943-1948 Skipper, John C.; 2000 
 15'Groundhog' Unearths Inner-city Talents Livingstone, Seth; 2001 
 16The Sporting Muse: A Critical Study of Poetry about Athletes and Athletics Johnson, Don; 2004 
 17The Cubs Win the Pennant! Charlie Grimm, the Billy Goat Curse, and the 1945 World Series Run Skipper, John C.; 2004 
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