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 1Texas League Hoak-um McMullen, Loren; 1950 
 2Spearfishing Rookies  1955 
 3The Dodgers Strain For a Championship Graham, Frank; 1956 
 4Reading, Writing & Rhubarb  1957 
 5Don Hoak-Then and Now Terrell, Roy; 1957 
 6Success in Cincinnati  1957 
 7What They Say in the Dugout About: the Cincinnati Reds Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1958 
 8Cincinnati Red-Neck Lawson, Earl; 1958 
 9  1958 
 10Don Hoak Robinson, Ray; 1958 
 11Cincinnati Redlegs -- 4th Place -- National League Reichler, Joe; 1958 
 12Cincinnati Redlegs -- 4th Place -- National League Reichler, Joe; 1958 
 13  1959 
 14A Couple of Moving Vans Terrell, Roy; 1959 
 15Men Who Know Hail Dan as Master Handler: Galbreath and Brown Lead Buccos' Cheers Keck, Harry; 1960 
 16Seven Bold Bucs Terrell, Roy; 1960 
 17A Pitcher-Author Writes His 'Book' On Pirate Lineup Brosnan, Jim; 1960 
 18Spencer, Hoak, Robinson - 'Gangbuster' Sliders Smith, Lou; 1960 
 19Baker, Out For Two Years, Returns When Hoak Slumps  1960 
 20The Bouncy Pirates  1960 
 21Hoak, Francona, Berberet, Grim Ride Merry-Go-Round  1960 
 22Five Corsairs Fined, Two Banned in Ump Rhubarb Biederman, Les; 1960 
 23Buccos Sink Rival Ships With Late-Inning Bombs Biederman, Les; 1960 
 24Miracle Pirates 'Pull Rabbits Out of Hats' For Wins Keck, Harry; 1960 
 25Don Hoak Biederman, Les; 1960 
 26Hoak and Groat Pop Pitt's Peeper With Dazzling DP Biederman, Les; 1960 
 27Hoak Gives Low-Down On Pirate Success - 'We Never Make Mistakes On Offense' Stevens, Bob; 1960 
 28Firebrand Hoak Whips Up Blazing Flag Bid For Bucs Biederman, Les; 1960 
 29Quips and Quotes On Big-Time Beat Walfoort, Cleon; 1960 
 30Why Argue With the Ump?  1960 
 31Hoak Bows To Birdie For Aid in Making Him a Star Lewis, Allen; 1960 
 32Flag Bucks in Bank, Bucs Now Eyeing Player Prizes Biederman, Les; 1960 
 33Where Two-Out Penalty Can Be Called Biederman, Lester J; 1960 
 34Pittsburgh Pirates  1960 
 35Pittsburgh Pirates  1960 
 36Busy Day For Giles - Fine, 2 Suspensions and Protest  1961 
 37Hoak 'Shocked,' Squawks To Giles: 'I Deserved $50 Fine, But 3- Day Ban Was Nonsense' - Don Biederman, Les; 1961 
 38Careful, Danny - Jobs Are Scarce  1961 
 39Clemente's Clouting Keeps Corsairs Hot On Trail of Treasure Biederman, Les; 1961 
 40Danny and Maz Collect Six Awards Each For '60 Feats  1961 
 41Corsairs Rush To Patch Up Holes in Leaking Flagship Biederman, Les; 1961 
 42Shantz Keeps Corsair Craft On Even Keel Biederman, Les; 1961 
 43A Gung Ho Marine at the Hot Corner Bingham, Walter; 1961 
 44Altman Selected Player of Month in Photo Finish  1961 
 45Bucco Hopes Sink With New Pains in Law's Aching Wing Biederman, Les; 1961 
 46Don Hoak Biederman, Les; 1961 
 47Freese's 20th Homer Sets Mark For Red 3rd Sackers  1961 
 48Super-Heated Don Hoak Raps Experts Who 'Overlooked' Bucs Biederman, Les; 1961 
 49The World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates Groat, Dick; Bill Surface; 1961 
 50Ex-Pug Don Tries Hand at `Experting' Title Fight n; 1961 
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