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 1Another Card Speed Merchant, Don Gutteridge Bloodgood, Clifford; 1937 
 2Sketchettes - Don Gutteridge  1938 
 3Don Gutteridge's Cousin Milne, Robert C.; 1939 
 4Don Gutteridge's Cousin Milne, Robert; 1939 
 5Diamond Flashes  1939 
 6High Spots on the Field Winerip, Harold; 1940 
 7Little Speedster Bloodgood, Clifford; 1940 
 8Browns No Longer Blue Gould, James M.; 1942 
 9Sports Photographers Catch Diamond Drama  1943 
 10Who's Who in the American Association of Professional Baseball Clubs Hutchinson, Fred P.,; Tom Briere, Eds.; 1951 
 11  1952 
 12An the Rains Came and Came  1959 
 13Gutteridge To Lead Chisox Youngsters in Florida Ball  1960 
 14  1960 
 15Senor Solid Backer of Tense Rookie as Pale Hose Regular Munzel, Edgar; 1961 
 16Lopez Expected To Retain Four-Man Coaching Staff  1961 
 17Stretch-Running Redbirds Grab Flag in Photo Finish Lieb, Fred; 1962 
 18Like a Refugee From the Rinkydinks Bryson, Bill; 1965 
 19Coaching Shuffle to Bring Three New Aids to Stanky n; 1966 
 20Sox Housecleaning Leaves Stanky With Hand-Picked Tutors Munzel, Edgar; 1966 
 21Healthier Look in Indianapolis Zimmerman, Hy; 1967 
 22Doctored Baseballs--How White Sox Did It Falls, Joe; 1967 
 23Tribe, White Sox Cut Ties n; 1967 
 24Hit With His Own Glove McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 25Chisox Waiting for Buddy to Get His Feet on Ground Holtzman, Jerome; 1969 
 26$100,000 Lemon Turns Into Plum--Murphy Finally Makes It to the Top Holtzman, Jerome; 1969 
 27Choir-Boy Look and Deadly Bat--That's Christian Holtzman, Jerome; 1969 
 28Chisox Puff Chests Over Sir Walter Holtzman, Jerome; 1969 
 29Appling Coming Back Home...Chisox Fans Delighted Holtzman, Jerome; 1969 
 30Victory-Starved Chisox Make Manager Hungry Holtzman, Jerome; 1969 
 31Development of Young Players Softens Demise of White Sox Holtzman, Jerome; 1969 
 32Injured May Seen Resuming Career Holtzman, Jerome; 1969 
 33White Sox Rookie May Hurt in Marine Training  1969 
 34  1969 
 35Knoop Tightens `Best Infield' Munzel, Edgar; 1969 
 36Chisox Desperate--Till Nyman Solved Their Hill Woes Munzel, Edgar; 1969 
 37Hoppy Earns Another Shot at White Sox Gateway Job Munzel, Edgar; 1969 
 38Gutteridge Sees Chisox as Pennant Contenders  1970 
 39Carlos is Sure He Can Bounce Back Holtzman, Jerome; 1970 
 40Surprise Teams of 1970 ? Vass, George; 1970 
 41  1970 
 42Bottom of the Heap n; 1970 
 43White Sox in Two Fights - For Flag and Survival Holtzman, Jerome; 1970 
 44Chisox '70 Chant: 'Tommy and Joe - Pray For Snow' Holtzman, Jerome; 1970 
 45Allyn a Real Maverick--Refuses to Fire Skipper Munzel, Edgar; 1970 
 46Switch From Old Days: Chisox Short On Hill Holtzman, Jerome; 1970 
 47Syd Standing Tall For Sagging Chisox Holtzman, Jerome; 1970 
 48Crider Bright Spot in Chisox Futility Holtzman, Jerome; 1970 
 49Morales Cheered by Chisox Mates for Payoff Plays Holtzman, Jerome; 1970 
 50Pale Hose Growing Paler and Paler Holtzman, Jerome; 1970 
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