December 22, 2014
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 1Teen-Ager Gullett Adds Luster To Cincy Mound Lawson, Earl; 1970 
 2Gullett Paying Red Dividend On '69 Free-Agent Draft Lawson, Earl; 1970 
 36 Young Men the Reds Couldn't Hold Down Jordan, Pat; 1970 
 4'Finest Scouts in Baseball,' Boasts Cincy's Chief Sleuth Lawson, Earl; 1970 
 5No-Choke Gullett Rates Huzzahs as Cincy Fireman Lawson, Earl; 1970 
 6Reds Grooming Gullett for Mound-Ace Status Lawson, Earl; 1970 
 7Rookie Duffy Giving Reds An Eyeful Lawson, Earl; 1970 
 8How Don Gullett Became an Instant Celebrity Twombley, Wells; 1970 
 9 Russell, Fred; 1970 
 10 Kuenster, John; 1970 
 11 Kuenster, John; 1970 
 12Weary Wings Knotted Reds' Christmass Package Ferguson, Jim; 1971 
 13Young Gullett Becoming Favorite of Reds' Fans Lawson, Earl; 1971 
 14No Rest For Reds' Gullett, Grimsley Ellison, Jack; 1971 
 15Don Gullett Great, But the Best Is Yet To Come, Say Reds Lawson, Earl; 1971 
 16Gullett's Wins Rise and Reds' Turnstiles Hum Lawson, Earl; 1971 
 17Who Will Be Baseball's Next Superstar? Kowet, Don; 1972 
 18Perez Duels Old Rival May For an N.L. All-Star Berth Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 19Cincinnati Reds: The Parts Are Still There Pepe, Phil; 1972 
 20An Option Ticket Stuns Merritt Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 21Reds Have Hawk Who's Sudden Death to Hitters Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 22Reds Mark Time in `Hopped-Up' Astro Series Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 23Spindly Hall a Heavyweight in Cincy's Bullpen Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 24Needles, Jabs Fly Thick and Fast in Red Clubhouse Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 25Bench in Outfield in Plummer Platoon Shift Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 26`Doc' Nolan Right Medicine for Ailing Sparky Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 27Howsam Crowing Over Reds' Crack Hill Staff Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 28Red Muscles Growing Muscles, Sparky Warns Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 29Series Pressure Less Than in Playoffs, Asserts Sparky Anderson, Sparky(as told to Earl Lawson); 1973 
 30Reds' Starting Stable Could Add Up to Seven Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 31Birthdays, Sponge Doughnut Make Perez a Happy Batter Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 32Sparky Stresses Reds' Many `Good Things' Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 33Bench-Perez Blasts Fuel Red Drive Lawson, Earl; 1974 
 34Billingham, Gullett Shooting for 20 Lawson, Earl; 1974 
 35Reds Forecast 20 Wins for Bullet-Fast Gullett Lawson, Earl; 1974 
 36How Forkball Helped Don Gullett Van Sant, Rick; 1974 
 37Gullett Philosophical in Approach to Aaron n; 1974 
 38Reds' Big Guns Fail to Back Kirby Lawson, Earl; 1974 
 39Hernandez, Gullett Land National League Awards n; 1974 
 40Did Casket Makers' Sign Strike Death Knell for Reds? Lawson, Earl; 1974 
 41Grimsley's Departure Hurt Reds Most in 1974 Chase Lawson, Earl; 1974 
 42Greatest Comeback in Reds' History Goldberg, Hy; 1974 
 43Country Boy Gullett Now Polished Mound Ace Lawson, Earl; 1975 
 44Concepcion Wants Pay to Match His Play Lawson, Earl; 1975 
 45Reaching Out For the Series Fimrite, Ron; 1975 
 46Major Leagues Abound in Stars 26 Years Old and Younger Kuenster, John; ed.; 1975 
 47Don Gullett Is Supposed To Go Straight From the Holler To the Hall of Fame Vecsey, George; 1976 
 48The Smell of Money  1976 
 49 Chass, Murray; 1976 
 50Anatomy of an Arm Problem Lawson, Earl; 1976 
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