August 28, 2015
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Result Title Author(s) Date
 1  1909 
 2  1912 
 3  1913 
 4World's Series Stars of Other Days Sawyer, C. F.; 1919 
 5Baseball Stars in Minor Settings Bloodgood, Clifford; 1926 
 6"Curtain Calls" Radcliffe, Howell A.; 1944 
 7The Reliever Makes the Difference Broeg, Bob; 1974 
 8The Relief Pitcher Thorn, John; 1979 
 9James Otis (Doc) Crandall  1985 
 10Relief Pitchers Were Once 'Low Men On The Totem Pole' Broeg, Bob; 1987 
 11The Evolution of Relief Pitching Ringolsby, Tracy; 1990 
 12Relief Pitching Comes of Age On Field and at Pay Window Ringolsby, Tracy; 1990 
 13Doc Crandall Spalding, John; 1994 
 14Doc Crandall's No-Hitter Broken Up by Brother with Two Out in Ninth Kermisch, Al; 2000 
 15James Otis "Doc" Crandall Lesch, R.J.; 2004 
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