September 1, 2015
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 1High Spots on the Field Winerip, Harold; 1940 
 2Mixup in Batting Order Even Has Umpires Mixed n; 1945 
 3New Baseball and Hockey Coaches Appointed  1947 
 4They Take the Air  1947 
 5Pitching Siebert, Dick; Otto Vogel; 1948 
 6The Game Siebert, Dick; Otto Vogel; 1948 
 7Throwing Siebert, Dick; Otto Vogel; 1948 
 8Baserunning Siebert, Dick; Otto Vogel; 1948 
 9Catching Siebert, Dick; Otto Vogel; 1948 
 10Fielding Siebert, Dick; Otto Vogel; 1948 
 11Hitting Siebert, Dick; Otto Vogel; 1948 
 12Holdouts Who Meant It Bryson, Bill; 1948 
 13Siebert Pushes Green Squad For 1952 Diamond Opener Krishef, Bob; 1952 
 14How to Improve Your Baseball Siebert, Dick; Otto H. Vogel; 1952 
 15Siebert Visions Colleges Replacing Minor Loops Doherty, Ray W.; 1953 
 16Siebert Seeks Second Giel as Key To Success For 1955 Gopher Baseball Edition Johnson, Ron; 1955 
 17This Guy Siebert Knows His Way Around in Big Time And, We Hope, Big Ten Baseball Johnson, Ron; 1955 
 18Championship Contender...Is What Many Are Calling Dick Siebert's 1956 Baseball Edition Follett, Don; 1956 
 19Big 10 Trophy Hunger Ended By Baseballers  1956 
 20Dick Siebert Named 'Man of Year'  1957 
 21Cover Story  1957 
 22Baseball Gophers Ready Title Defense - Six Home Games in May Lee, Phil; 1959 
 23Pitcher-Rich Gophers Nip Trojans For College Title Stewart, Ralph; 1960 
 24Learning How...Baseball Siebert, Dick; 1961 
 25Coaches Hail O.B. Pact as Campus Game Hypo Chanin, Abe; 1961 
 26Baseball  1962 
 27Batter Up! Minnesota Baseball Season Opens Up For a Team With Uncertain Ability, Prospects Krejci, Alan; 1964 
 28Cotton Batting Gordon, Dick; 1965 
 29Baseball Siebert, Dick; Otto Vogel; 1965 
 30Gophers Run Up Victories With Two-Sport Star Gordon, Dick; 1965 
 31Hidden Clay Base Helped Wills Take Off Like Shot Gordon, Dick; 1966 
 32Mejore Su Beisbol Athletic Institute; Siebert, Dick; 1968 
 33Baseball Siebert, Dick; Otto Vogel; 1968 
 34Majore Su Beisbol Siebert, Dick; Vogel, Otto; 1968 
 35Another Siebert Makes Name in Minnesota Byrne, Jim; 1968 
 36Siebert Seeks New Approach To 3rd Consecutive Big 10 Baseball Title  1970 
 37Pros and Colleges Seeking Peace Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1970 
 38Dick Siebert  1970 
 39Generation Gap  1971 
 40 Shama, Dave; 1971 
 41 Shama, Dave; 1972 
 42Colleges Developing Talent Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1972 
 43Colleges Adopt DH Rule Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1973 
 44Cards' Fenwick Swings Strong Bat Russo, Neal; 1973 
 45Colleges Adopt New Forms to Provide Scouting Info n; 1973 
 46  1974 
 47Siebert Sparking Astro Youth Push Heiling, Joe; 1974 
 48Baseball Team Excells  1977 
 49Summer Baseball Idea Super  1978 
 50Summer Baseball Idea Super  1978 
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