September 3, 2015
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 1Howser's Glove Work Glistens, Glues Kaycee's Inner Cordon Mehl, Ernest; 1961 
 212 Big Timers Played Full Chart in First-Half Races Davids, L. Robert; 1961 
 3The Wind (Cont.)  1961 
 4Howser Gives Nats Hot Foot  1961 
 5Howser Fast On Feet - Just as Quick With Quip  1961 
 6Base-Bandit Howser Swipes Spotlight as Pet of Kaycee Fans Mehl, Ernest; 1961 
 7Howser New K.C. Swipe King  1961 
 8A's Douse Front-Office Flames, Fuel Up For Fireworks On Field Mehl, Ernest; 1961 
 9Sullivan's Bat Sparks Surge By A's Biffers Mehl, Ernest; 1961 
 10Howser's Streak Halted  1961 
 11Kaycee Clouter Klimchock Cops Job at Gateway Mehl, Ernest; 1961 
 12Flashy Howser, Socker Siebern Spark A's Spurt Mehl, Ernest; 1961 
 13Kaycee Comet Howser Red-Hot Prospect For A.L. Rookie Prize Mehl, Ernest; 1961 
 14Kid Fans Select All-Star Rookie Team For Topps  1961 
 15`Help Wanted' Signs Spur Kid Phenoms: Fading Stars, More Teams Open Up Jobs King, Joe; 1961 
 16Hot-Shot Kids Ready to Rip Minor League Tag in Major Camps Kachline, Clifford; 1961 
 17Young Phenoms Shine in Kaycee Squad Tussles Mehl, Ernest; 1961 
 18Athletics Enter Grapefruit Play `Set' at Six Positions n; 1961 
 19Flash Plants Slick Quartet on A's Infield Mehl, Ernest; 1961 
 20Skeptics Taking Second Look at Ship-Shape A's Mehl, Ernest; 1961 
 21No More Beer and Cigarettes  1962 
 22Dick Howser: Kaycee Captain Donnelly, Joe; 1962 
 23Kansas City Athletics Lebovitz, Hal; 1962 
 24Kansas City Athletics Lebovitz, Hal; 1962 
 25Friday Puts Evil Eye On Kaycee Hex Mehl, Ernest; 1963 
 26Borrowed Bat Triggers Causey's Clout Spree McGuff, Joe; 1963 
 27Lopat Flicks `Go' Light for A's Swifties McGuff, Joe; 1963 
 28Sultry Kaycee Heat Clamps Lid on Howser's Base-Theft Forays McGuff, Joe; 1963 
 29A New Breed of Shortstops Gordon, Dick; 1965 
 30Autograph Hounds Meet the Yankees Ogle, Jim; 1967 
 31Howser Real Howitzer Among Yankee Popguns Ogle, Jim; 1967 
 3211 New Players on Yankee Roster for 1967 Getaway n; 1967 
 33Yanks Hand White Hot Chance to Make It at Hot Corner Ogle, Jim; 1967 
 34Houk Juggling Bombers' Parts With Eye Always on the Future Ogle, Jim; 1967 
 35Allison Lashes a ong Hit; It Turns Into Double Play n; 1967 
 36Kenney, as Murcer Sub, to Rate Long Look at Shortstop Ogle, Jim; 1967 
 37200 Attend Annual Clinic of Yankees, Miami Herald n; 1967 
 38Yanks Spend Winter Hunting, Preaching, Teaching Ogle, Jim; 1968 
 39Howard, Howser Named to Yank Coaching Jobs  1968 
 40Bombers Fulfill a Pledge in Hiring Howard as Tutor Ogle, Jim; 1968 
 41Howser Has His Eyes On Front-Office Job  1968 
 42Injuries to Pepi, Clarke Toss Sand in Yank Gears Ogle, Jim; 1968 
 43Yanks Map Strategy To Deal With Mob Action Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 44'Our Guest Speaker Tonight Is...' Yank Players To Mount Podium Ogle, Jim; 1971 
 45Rangers' Bats Weak, Skipper Herzog Admits Galloway, Randy; 1972 
 46Yanks Take Holiday, Gird for Second-Half Spurt Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 47Tigers Land Skipper Houk With Record 3-Year Pact Hawkins, Jim; 1973 
 48Free-Agent Draft is Relative Matter Lang, Jack; 1974 
 49Reggie Was Completely in Wrong Koppett, Leonard; 1978 
 50Yanks Shuffle Coaching Staff  1978 
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