September 3, 2015
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 1American Association Stars Up For Trial Young, Clarence; 1947 
 2Morning Sports Show  1952 
 3What Makes a Bonus Kid Worth $100,000 Schaap, Dick; 1958 
 4Denver Tops Field For Stretch Drive Hardman, A.L.; 1960 
 5Schaive Is Double Threat With Hot Bat, Great Glove Hardman, A.L.; 1960 
 6Senators Surprise Experts and Rivals Hardman, A.L.; 1960 
 7Speed Boy Val Scoots Toward Nat Picket Post Hardman, A.L.; 1960 
 8Cal Pinpoints Twins' Weak Spot, Nabs Snyder To Fill Keystone Job Briere, Tom; 1961 
 9Hall, Oliva and McCabe Spark Twins' Six-Game Win Splurge Lieb, Fred; 1962 
 10Tony--or is It Pedro?--Oliva Poses Problem For Twins Goethel, Arno; 1963 
 11Fireballing Roland Slips Quick Pickup to Twins' Curvers Goethel, Arno; 1963 
 12Home Run Haven Deford, Frank; 1964 
 13Status Quote n; 1966 
 14Del Runs Relaxed Ship at Bradenton Ellison, Jack; 1967 
 15Papa Wilber, Mom and Son Work for 3 Different Clubs n; 1967 
 16Tony C. Elated By Results of Swat Test Ellison, Jack; 1968 
 17Pat Kelly's Shillelagh Beating Merry Rap At Twins' Threshold Goethel, Arno; 1968 
 18Player Safari Fails, Ted Heads To Africa Whittlesey, Merrell; 1969 
 19Sands Has One Eye, Fighting Heart  1969 
 20Baby Senators Making Biggest News in Florida Ellison, Jack; 1970 
 21A.A. All-Stars Change Script, Pitch, Power Way Past Indy Koelling, Les; 1971 
 22Royals Count On Mayberry To Swing Productive Stick McGuff, Joe; 1971 
 23Bears' Manager Involved in Two Protested Games  1971 
 24Castle On Comeback Trail, Oaks Discover Bryson, Bill; 1971 
 25Determined Jim Mason Bears Down at Denver Haraway, Frank; 1971 
 26Evansville's Yates Bids Minors Good-Bye With 3-Run Homer Swanson, Pete; 1971 
 27Ted's Texas Role Uncertain Heryford, Merle; 1971 
 28Nats' Kids Could Grow Up in Texas Whittlesey, Merrell; 1971 
 29Bera' Relief Ace Shifflett - Key To a Divisional Title Haraway, Frank; 1971 
 30Youth Drive? `Bunk!' Says McLain Galloway, Randy; 1972 
 31Big Sticks Could Give Added Boost to A.A. Gate Swanson, Pete; 1972 
 32Triple-A Managers Walk Tightrope, Says Wilber n; 1972 
 33Experience One Deficiency For Bears' Backstop Fahey Haraway, Frank; 1972 
 34Howard, McLain to Feel Wallet Pinch Heryford, Merle; 1972 
 35Rangers Down, But Not Out, Boss Short Says Galloway, Randy; 1972 
 36Wilber Riding Ahead as Rangers' Likely Manager Heryford, Merle; 1972 
 37Ranger Roster a Cross-Word Puzzle Galloway, Randy; 1972 
 38Bears' Greenberg--Name Brings No Special Breaks Haraway, Frank; 1972 
 39Williams Tosses in Towel After 4-Year Loss Shower Heryford, Merle; 1972 
 40Mackanin Earns Respect as Spokane's Mr. Clutch Stewart, Chuck; 1973 
 41Seven Runs With 2 Out Stop Twin Skein at Nine n; 1973 
 42Would They Have Batted for Ruth? Broeg, Bob; 1973 
 43Short Flags Down Martin After Long Wait Heryford, Merle; 1973 
 44Wilber Sits by Phone, Awaiting Major Call Burnes, Robert; 1973 
 45Madlock Slips Padlock on Rangers' Hot Corner Heryford, Merle; 1973 
 46Card Rookie Still Seethes Over Ranger Chill Russo, Neal; 1973 
 47Spokane's Hitting Howell Proves Father Knew Best Stewart, Chuck; 1974 
 48Waits Not Watching as Indians Surge to West Division Bulge Stewart, Chuck; 1974 
 49Age, DH Duties Fail to Keep Robson From Spokane Swats Stewart, Chuck; 1974 
 50Spokane's Moates Starts Motor With Bat Contact Stewart, Chuck; 1974 
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