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 1  1953 
 2Mere Half-Dozen Reached 20-Win Circle in Minors Kahan, Oscar; 1961 
 3Lame Back Helped Mikkelsen Become Ace Yank Reliever: Converted to Sidearm, Came Up With Sinker Finch, Frank; 1965 
 4Midwest League Attracts 4,532 Milwaukee Fans Wolf, Bob; 1966 
 5Home Clubs Bow as Foxes Capture Midwest Playoffs n; 1966 
 6Sox Prayers Answered by Deacon's Bat Munzel, Edgar; 1966 
 7Pitchers Head August List of Topps' Toppers n; 1966 
 8Just Maybe--May is the Answer to White Sox Search for Wallop Paustian, John; 1967 
 9Yankees Announce Scout Changes in Big Shake-Up n; 1967 
 10Carlos Could Be Big Kick in Chisox Future Holtzman, Jerome; 1967 
 1120 Victories for 20-Year-Old Dierker?: `He's Capable of Doing It,' Claims Astro Tutor Jones Wilson, John; 1967 
 12Williams Squeezes Rubber Ball to Strengthen His Arm n; 1967 
 13Chisox Warn Bradford: `Go Easy On HRs' Holtzman, Jerome; 1968 
 14Chisox Grooming Hopkins as a Pinch-Hit Specialist Holtzman, Jerome; 1968 
 15May Has Sore Back; Rehabilitation Slowed  1970 
 16Hrabosky's 16-Whiff Job Earns Cheers in Mexico Morales, Tomas; 1972 
 17White Sox Click Their Heels Over Kid Orta at Keystone Munzel, Edgar; 1973 
 18Danville Pilot Smith: Color is Only One Challenge Connell, Fowler; 1973 
 19Deacon Departs After Reviving Chisox Belters Holtzman, Jerome; 1974 
 20Orta Has Own Severest Critic as .315 Hitter Hillyer, John; 1974 
 21Virdon Making Astros Aware of Their Errors Shattuck, Harry; 1976 
 22Astro Issue: Does Winter Ball Help or Hurt? Shattuck, Harry; 1976 
 23Fifth Time Proves Charm For No-Hit Flash Dierker Shattuck, Harry; 1976 
 24Kid Astros Star in Herrmann's Hands Shattuck, Harry; 1976 
 25Speeding Astros Credit Cruz for Igniting Fuse Shattuck, Harry; 1976 
 26Punch-Hungry Astros Land Crawford Shattuck, Harry; 1977 
 27Cesar's Salad Days Are Over Gammons, Peter; 1977 
 28Astro Belter Cedeno Battling To End Worst Slump Shattuck, Harry; 1977 
 29Astros Got To Expected Mark With Unexpected Shattuck, Harry; 1977 
 30Puhl Earns Virdon A-OK in Astro Left Field Shattuck, Harry; 1977 
 31Puhl, Exhibiting a Keen Eye, Right On Cue as Astro Hitter Shattuck, Harry; 1978 
 32Richard and Andujar Fail To Live Up To Astro Hopes Shattuck, Harry; 1978 
 33Try, Try Again...and Puhl Succeeds Shattuck, Harry; 1978 
 34Optimists Unlimited in Houston Dugouts Shattuck, Harry; 1979 
 35Eight More Than Enough in Astros' Outfield Shattuck, Harry; 1980 
 36Leonard of Astros Earns A-OK Nod as NL Freshman Shattuck, Harry; 1980 
 37Cabell Wants To Bat in Cleanup Spot Shattuck, Harry; 1980 
 38Deacon Jones: If There'd Been a DH Rule in 1962 Vanderberg, Bob; 1982 
 39He's a Big Hit With the Padres Collier, Phil; 1984 
 40Kennedy a Hit Behind Plate Collier, Phil; 1984 
 41McReynolds Is No Flash in Pan Collier, Phil; 1984 
 42`Team Turmoil' Turnaround?: San Diego Makes Strong Start Following a Winter of Discontent Nightingale, Dave; 1986 
 43The Pitch That Ate Baseball Levine, David; 1987 
 44Baltimore Orioles  1995 
 45Byproduct of Strike? Players, Fans Clash: Hecklers Find Players Have Short Fuse Koenig, Bill; 1995 
 46Scouts' Honor: Reports Aid O's Koenig, Bill; 1997 
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