October 20, 2014
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 1The View From Left Field: the Curse of the Designated Hitter   
 2Bonus Beauties Will Strut Stuff in Desert Play Foote, Ben; 1960 
 3Billings Cops Seventh State Title in Row Anderson, Roy; 1960 
 4McNally, 85-Grand Kid, Fails at Victoria, Sent To Class B  1961 
 5McNally, Birds' 85-G Legion Prize, Now in Three I Loop  1961 
 6Baltimore Orioles Lebovitz, Hal; 1963 
 7Birds Were Blue-Ribbon Farmers: 15 Players And Two Managers Earned All-League Honors Brown, Doug; 1963 
 8Frosh McNally Rips Up Ticket to Minor Berth Brown, Doug; 1963 
 9Rookie McNally Makes '63 Bow With Seven-Hit Victory  1963 
 10A Terrific Strain Angell, Roger; 1966 
 11Dodgers in a Daze n; 1966 
 12Highs 'n' Lows of the World Series Lewis, Allen and Bob August; 1966 
 13Alston in Slump, Too? Burnes, Robert L.; 1966 
 14The Four O's Who Rang Up 33 0's Burick, Si; 1966 
 15McNally Hurls Route--Takes Birds Off Spot Brown, Doug; 1966 
 16Given First Major Heave, Bold McNally Bumps Ump n; 1967 
 17Needlers' Jabs Annoy Struggling McNally Brown, Doug; 1967 
 18Orioles Testing Question-Mark Men on Mound Brown, Doug; 1967 
 19McNally Worked Hard at Play, Got 80,000 Bills at Billings Kaegel, Dick; 1967 
 20The Birds Fall Down On Broken Wings Jares, Joe; 1967 
 21Rusty--Smooth Swinger From Jazzland Herskowitz, Mickey; 1967 
 22Bunker and Barber Sore-Arm Question Marks on Oriole Hill Brown, Doug; 1967 
 23Ten of 13 Orioles' Players in Series Signed as Preps n; 1967 
 24Highlight Carry, Peter; 1968 
 25Big Bonus Boys Earn A.L. All-Star Ranking Henkey, Ben; 1968 
 26Pitching Star McNally Named MVP of Orioles  1968 
 27McNally's Two-Hitter Boosts Orioles' Hopes  1968 
 28McNally's Back as Front-Liner Brown, Doug; 1968 
 29McNally and Hardin Like Birds of a Feather Brown, Doug; 1968 
 30Not a Sore Arm in Either Camp--Orioles Can Hardly Believe It Jackman, Phil; 1968 
 31Bauer's Busy Birds Get Work, Work, More Work  1968 
 32Lefties Latest Victims in Hondo HR Rampage Whittlesey, Merrell; 1968 
 33McNally, Frank Robinson in Complete Game Battle  1968 
 34No. 20 Makes a Believer of McNally Brown, Doug; 1968 
 35McNally Finds Long-Lost Slider and Takes Off Brown, Doug; 1968 
 36Never Pumpkins Again Leggett, William; 1969 
 37Mets Win 5-3, Take the Series Durso, Joseph; 1969 
 38Highlight Carry, Peter; 1969 
 39Dave McNally: a Hard Man To Convince Brown, Doug; 1969 
 40Flying High  1969 
 41McNally Early Bird As Weight Watcher Brown, Doug; 1969 
 42McNally's Record Bid Ends on Slam Jackman, Phil; 1969 
 43Winning Orioles Say It With Signs in Clubhouse  1969 
 44Cuellar Likely Oriole Choice to Open Playoffs Brown, Doug; 1969 
 45Unbeatable McNally: Like Fish, He Can Wriggle Off the Hook Brown, Doug; 1969 
 46Oriole Wings Thrive Under Dr. Bamberger Jackman, Phil; 1969 
 47Foulup in Batting Order Costs Pilots Two Runs  1969 
 48McNally, Pappas Picked on All-Time Birds' Club  1969 
 49Orioles End Error Binge After Lecture by Weaver Jackman, Phil; 1970 
 50Winter Loafer...McNally at Ease Brown, Doug; 1970 
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