August 31, 2015
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 1All-Star Hurlers Whip A's, Gulf Coast Leaders Brockmann, John; 1967 
 2Three Bat Kings Tops for Topps as August Stars  1968 
 3Size-Up of Ballplayers: They're Bigger Ellison, Jack; 1971 
 4Twins' Rookie All-Star Nominees n; 1972 
 5Twins Feeling Effects of Slim Crops on Farms Fowler, Bob; 1972 
 6True or False, Twins Big Hit in Apple Valley Fowler, Bob; 1973 
 7Goltz Struck by Line Drive n; 1974 
 8Twins' Goltz Adding Fifth Pitch to Mound Arsenal: Change-Up Fowler, Bob; 1975 
 9Twins' Goltz Battles Big-Inning Blahs Fowler, Bob; 1976 
 10Cal Won't Enter Bidding War for Unsigned Twins Fowler, Bob; 1976 
 11Twin Hurlers Get in Line to Fill Blyleven's Brogans Fowler, Bob; 1976 
 12Twins Shave Unsigned List - But 10 Remain Out Fowler, Bob; 1977 
 13Pitching Berayed Hot-Hitting Twins Fowler, Bob; 1977 
 14Hill Ace Goltz Keeping Twins in Race Fowler, Bob; 1977 
 15Twins Ignoring Goltz in Worry Over Carew Fowler, Bob; 1978 
 16Norwood Takes Bows at Rebirth of Twins Fowler, Bob; 1978 
 17There Are the Majors' 20 Most Under-Rated Players Goddard, Joe; 1978 
 18Mauch Enjoys Iffy Dream About Injury-Free Goltz Fowler, Bob; 1978 
 19Dodgers Grab Two Prizes Verrell, Gordon; 1979 
 20Twins Sing the Praises of Unsung Borgmann Fowler, Bob; 1979 
 21Will Goltz Be Next To Head For Twins' Exit? Fowler, Bob; 1979 
 22Who'll Be Next To Desert Twins? Maybe Goltz Fowler, Bob; 1979 
 2313 Clubs Go For Goltz in Draft Lang, Jack; 1979 
 24Padres' Reentry Mission Starts at Top, With Goltz Collier, Phil; 1979 
 25Dave and Don Rich Odd Couple Verrell, Gordon; 1980 
 26Mauch Feels His Man Just Might Be Mackanin Fowler, Bob; 1980 
 27L.A.:'Watch Us in Second Half' Verrell, Gordon; 1980 
 28Goltz Fights Baffling Skid Verrell, Gordon; 1980 
 29Ex-Twins Plagued By Severe Falloffs Reusse, Patrick; 1981 
 30L.A.'s Only Worry Is Fifth Starter Verrell, Gordon; 1982 
 31Goltz Earns Spot as Angel Starter Strege, John; 1982 
 32Dodgers Drop Goltz, But Not His Contract Verrell, Gordon; 1982 
 33Bavasi Calls Goltz Pay Bid 'Unethical' Strege, John; 1983 
 34Will No. 1 Pick Again Elude Braves? Tucker, Tim; 1984 
 35How Big Money is Affecting the Game Vass, George; 1985 
 36Free Agent Flops: The Most Ridiculous Free Agent Signings Nash, Bruce And Allan Zullo; 1985 
 37The Ten Worst Free Agents in Baseball History Ladson, William; 1992 
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