September 4, 2015
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 1Comments from the Winning Players  1917 
 2Southpaws Leading  1917 
 3  1922 
 4  1922 
 5 Sawyer, Ford; 1922 
 6Why Pitching Is in Its Infancy Danforth, Dave, From an interview with; 1926 
 7Freak Pitching Deliveries - Past and Present Bradley, Hugh; 1936 
 8They Don't Know From Scuffing: Modern Hurlers Actually Prefer a Clean Ball McAuley, Ed; 1954 
 9  1970 
 10Dentist Dave Still Under Suspicion Broeg, Bob; 1978 
 11Every Trick In The Book: The Sneakiest Cheating Perpetrated By Players Nash, Bruce And Allan Zullo; 1985 
 12The 1922 St. Louis Browns: Best of the American League's Worst Godin, Roger A.; 1991 
 13Dave Danforth: Baseball's Forrest Gump Steinberg, Steve L.; 2002 
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