May 29, 2015
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 1The All-America Baseball Club Lane, F.C.; 1915 
 2Fanning About Some Favorites Goewey, Ed A.; 1915 
 3The Coming Shortstop Kofoed, J.C.; 1915 
 4  1916 
 5 Woodard, Pier; 1916 
 6Ty Cobbs of the Future Chosen By Grantland Rice Rice, Grantland; 1917 
 7The Shortstop Maker Maney, Richard; 1917 
 8Capt. Bancroft of the Giants ---- Capt. Peckinpaugh of the Yankees  1921 
 9Dave Bancroft's Unique System Bancroft, Dave (Comprising an interview with ); 1921 
 10The New York Giants Who Overtook the Leading Pirates Early in September  1921 
 11Its Another Story of Cards in Defense  1921 
 12Knows How to Get Around  1921 
 13John J. McGraw Baseball's Champion Trader Lieb, Frederick G.; 1922 
 14The Best Infield I Ever Saw Evers, John, From an interview with; 1922 
 15Has Baseball's Greatest Infield Arrived ? Lieb, Frederick G.; 1922 
 16  1922 
 17Baseball Trade  1923 
 18Christy Mathewson Picks An All-American Team For Collier's Mathewson, Christy; 1924 
 19Recent Baseball Happenings Reviewed Phelon, W. A.; 1924 
 20The Return of the Player Manager Hoefer, W. R.; 1924 
 21The Return of the Player Manager Hoefer, W. R.; 1924 
 22What Determines a Ball Player's Value ? Salsinger, H. G.; 1924 
 23What Determines a Ball Player's Value ? Salsinger, H. G.; 1924 
 24Out of the Cellar Huntington, C. F.; 1925 
 25Recollections of a Veteran Shortstop Scott, Everett, From an interview with; 1926 
 26The Most Efficient Shortstop on the Diamond Westlake, H. H.; 1926 
 27Biographies of Famous Baseball Players Quirk, D.J., ed.; 1926 
 28The Manager Cain, Cullen; 1926 
 29Winter Glimpses Of Famous Baseball Stars  1927 
 30What Becomes of World's Series Heroes Burr, Harold C.; 1931 
 31  1936 
 32Barnstorming For Fun And Profit Burr, Harold C.; 1937 
 33Difference in Spirit Rumill, Ed; 1946 
 34Those Fellows Who "Take Charge" Drebinger, John; 1947 
 35Mr. Carey's Chickens  1948 
 36Things You Never See in the Series Frisch, Frank; as told to Charles Dexter; 1954 
 37Infielders: Anson To Dittmer May, George S.; 1955 
 38The Phillies' All-Time Best Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1958 
 39Could Mcgraw Win The Pennant Today? Frisch, Frankie As Told To Charles Dexter; 1960 
 40Big Money Men Dot Giants' Payroll  1963 
 41Seven Seniors Enter Hall Via Vet Group's Vote Lang, Jack; 1971 
 42n; 1972 
 43Lindstrom Swung a Strong Bat Broeg, Bob; 1974 
 44Baseball's Golden Dozen Shortstops Bruno, Joseph; 1976 
 45Ten Who Shouldn't Be Sold Short Creamer, Robert W.; 1982 
 46Dave Bancroft Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1983 
 47Bancroft, David James "Dave," "Beauty" Porter, David L.; 1987 
 48Giants Diary: A Century of Giants' Baseball in New York and San Francisco Stein, Fred; Nick Peters; 1987 
 49Bancroft, David James Braun, Jack C.; 1990 
 50Dave Bancroft Spalding, John E.; 1997 
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