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 1 Smith, Red; 1953 
 2Really Making Good Maver, Alan; 1953 
 3Giants vs. Giants Hickey, Sgt. Mike; 1953 
 4Rookies with a Future  1953 
 5Rookies with a Future  1953 
 6Indian Sign Hangs Over Giants: Annual Spring Series Takes Heavy Injury Toll Bursky, Herbert; 1954 
 7Solly Continues Shuffling Cards in Search For Clutch Wallopers Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 8Weiss, Brown Tabbed Slickest Swappers: Bomber G.M. Nabbed Prize in Maris' Bat King, Joe; 1960 
 9Bartered Beauties Giving Bing Big Bang as Birds Bounce Back Herman, Jack; 1960 
 10Spencer, Hoak, Robinson - 'Gangbuster' Sliders Smith, Lou; 1960 
 11Spencer Picking Up Drooping Redbirds With Lusty Clouting Herman, Jack; 1960 
 12Capt. Boyer Swings Busy Bat, Clears Path For Cardinal Climb Herman, Jack; 1960 
 13Spencer Busts Solly's Record  1960 
 14Gang Busters Of The Base Paths Finch, Frank; 1960 
 15First Slam Against Sherry  1961 
 16Leg Injury Shelves Spencer  1961 
 17Injury Hex Clamps Brakes On Dodgers' Dash in Flag Push Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 18Dodgers Strike Dry Spell With Sherry On the Shelf Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 19Roseboro Raps Way Out of No. 8 Niche - Bombs in Fifth Spot Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 20Swapped Players Wind Up Wearing Ex-Pilots' Digits Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 21Dodger Dandies Ride Bench While Spencer Performs Oates, Bob; 1961 
 22Dodgers Size Up Spencer Deal as New Moon-Shot Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 23Dodgers Polish Up Swat Items, Seek Righty Power Man Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 24Hard-Firing Kids Served Gopher Balls Finch, Frank; 1961 
 25Injuries, Power Fizzles Helped To Paint...September Mourn For Dodgers and Tigers: Spencer Fracture Robbed L.A. of Vital Righty Blaster; Scribe Backs Platooning By Skipper Walt Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 26Daryl Spencer: New Dodger Adds Infield Strength  1961 
 27Spencer Looking for Ways to Cut Late-Season Slump n; 1961 
 28Boyer Socked .326 at Home, Dipped to .280 in Road Tilts n; 1961 
 29Mays, Spencer Pace Touring N.L. All-Stars Hodge, Bill; 1962 
 30Tommy D 3-D Dandy in Delayed Debut at Dodgers' Hot Corner Hunter, Bob; 1963 
 31Big Leaguers in Japan n; 1964 
 32Take Me Out To the Old Yakyu Shecter, Leonard; 1965 
 33Spencer Builds Tough-Guy Rep in Nippon Loop Berger, Mike; 1967 
 34Yomiuri Defeats Hankyu to Win Japanese Series n; 1967 
 35Japanese Hurlers Warm Up AFTER Being Knocked Out Finch, Frank; 1967 
 36Self-Taught Swing the Thing For Aeros' Mike Carruthers Hodge, Bill; 1970 
 37Where the Manager Tells You To Strike Out Whiting, Robert; 1977 
 38Daryl Spencer Mandel, Mike; 1979 
 39You Gotta Have `Wa' Whiting, Robert; 1979 
 40Daryl Spencer Appel, Marty; 1988 
 41Beyond Mr. Baseball: the Japanese National Pastime Field, Russell; 1994 
 42Daryl Spencer: His Homer Was a Milestone in Baseball's Westward Move Skipper, John C.; 1996 
 43Daryl Spencer Bitker, Steve; 1998 
 44Daryl Spencer Heyde, Jack; 2004 
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