December 21, 2014
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 1Murtaugh, Super Thief  1942 
 2Baseball: the Way It Bounced  1957 
 3Best of the Best  1958 
 4Pittsburgh Pirates -- 7th Place -- National League  1958 
 5Pittsburgh Pirates -- 7th Place -- National League  1958 
 6Pittsburgh Pirates -- 7th Place -- National League Reichler, Joe; 1958 
 7I'm No Head-Hunter! Stevens, Bob; 1958 
 8Pittsburgh Pirates -- 7th Place -- National League Reichler, Joe; 1958 
 9  1958 
 10Young Men with a Mission Reichler, Joe; 1959 
 11Young Men with a Mission Reichler, Joe; 1959 
 12Skinner's Business Is Hitting Murphy, Jack; 1959 
 13Branch Rickey Talks About the Pirates Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1959 
 14Danny and the Pirates Terrell, Roy; 1959 
 15Baseball's Mr. Mischief Cope, Myron; 1959 
 16Bravos and Barbs Bounce Off Bucs' Danny Keck, Harry; 1960 
 17Umps May Bawl 'Yerrout!' But.'We're In,' Say Pirate Fans  1960 
 18Buc Coach Vernon May Join Active Roster After Sept. 1 Biederman, Les; 1960 
 19Few Posies Tossed Skipper's Way Burnes, Robert L.; 1960 
 20Murtaugh Given Heave-Ho, Misses Stuart's Bat Binge  1960 
 21Del Greco's Glove Twice Robs Pirates Lewis, Allen; 1960 
 22The Bouncy Pirates  1960 
 23Friend Given Cold Shoulder By Lady Luck Biederman, Les; 1960 
 24Maz Packing Less Weight, More Punch: Streamlined Buc Keystoner Delivers His Clouts in Clutch Keck, Harry; 1960 
 25Patient Danny Plays Hot Hunches To Hilt and Keeps a Tight Rein On His Temper Biederman, Les; 1960 
 26Danny Matched Vern's Fine - Gave It To Mormon Fund  1960 
 27Park Tailoring Key in Home Win Edge:Factor Cited By Ten Clubs in Major Poll Burnes, Bob; 1960 
 28Danny 'Tuned Out' Initial Clemente Slam in Tunnel: Cincy Wallop First Seen By Murtaugh Biederman, Lester; 1960 
 29Dascoli's Comeback Quip Speeds Smiling Skinner To Early Shower Biederman, Les; 1960 
 30Three Bold Bucs Sing 'Fight' Song For TV Audience: Pirate Pep Rally Coppage, Joe; 1960 
 31"I Win" Or "We Win"  1960 
 32Pirates Fattened Up On 4 Also-Ran Clubs Biederman, Les; 1960 
 33Pirates Celebrate Clincher With a Champagne Shower Biederman, Les; 1960 
 34Dan Unspoiled By Success Keck, Harry; 1960 
 35Hemus, Murtaugh Hail Stan at Saints and Sinners Feed Biederman, Les; 1960 
 36Cagey Dan Won't Even Guess Easter Will Fall On Sunday  1960 
 37Quips and Quotes On Big-Time Beat Walfoort, Cleon; 1960 
 38Four-Way Tussle For Manager of Year: Boom Grows For Lavagetto and Richards Burnes, Bob; 1960 
 39Two For the Money?  1960 
 40Buccos' Series Hopes On Rise - Groat Mending Biederman, Les; 1960 
 41Ex-Bucco Dale Long Sizes Up Pirates Daniel, Dan; 1960 
 42Danny Sits On Top of World - Thanks To Decision By Tatum: Tom Quit - So Bucs Boosted Murtaugh Cartwright, Al; 1960 
 43Pals in Home Town Deluge Danny Boy With Streams of Good Luck Messages Zabitka, Matt; 1960 
 44'I'll See Buccos in Series,' Stockholder Bing Tells Dan  1960 
 45How Friend Conquered His Biggest Enemy Williams, Edgar; 1960 
 46Fat-Free Bucs Grease Plank For Rivals: Slim Friend Showing Old Form On Hill Keck, Harry; 1960 
 47Yanks, Bucs Took Different Routes To Top  1960 
 48Sparked Bucs in '48 Climb  1960 
 49Men Who Know Hail Dan as Master Handler: Galbreath and Brown Lead Buccos' Cheers Keck, Harry; 1960 
 50Game's Brass Lauds Relief-Hurler Trophies: Frick Cites 'Bible' and Spink For Sponsoring New Awards; BBWAA Head Says Prizes Fill Big Void; Cronin Calls Saves, Wins 'Fairest Way' Holtzman, Jerry; 1960 
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