July 29, 2015
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 1Coaching the Schoolboy Player (Part I) Friberg, Bernard A.; 1942 
 2The Phillies Have Come Up With Another Fine Outfield Star Danny Litwhiler  1942 
 3Phillies Hooked By Shrewd Sam in Trade Mart; Litwhiler, Naylor Go To Redbird For 3 Substitutes Considine, Bob; 1943 
 4They're Long On Marion At Short Dooley, Bill; 1943 
 5Danny Litwhiler  1944 
 6That Third Team Harper, Walter N.; 1944 
 7Why Pick On P.A.'s?  1945 
 8[cover illustration]  1948 
 9  1951 
 10My Favorite Deer Hunt Smith, Stan; 1954 
 11Arranging the Baseball Practice Litwhiler, Danny; 1957 
 12Fundamentals of Baseball - Course No. 367: the Coaching of Baseball Litwhiler, Danny; 1957 
 13  1960 
 14Baseball Glossary Litwhiler, Danny; 1961 
 15Gaffers Led by Litwhiler Hit Barrage Lieb, Fred; 1961 
 16The Strange Case of the Unfortunate Left-Handed Thrower Who Bats Right-Handed Litwhiler, Danny and Kenneth D. Miller; 1962 
 17Baseball Training Litwhiler, Danny and Don Fauls; 1963 
 18Developing a Good Keystone Combination: Part 2-The Second Baseman Litwhiler, Danny; 1963 
 19Developing a Good Keystone Combination: Part 1 Litwhiler, Danny; 1963 
 20With Mirrors, Flat Gloves and Sawed Up Bats Creamer, Robert; 1963 
 21Developing a Good Keystone Combination: Part 3-The Shortstop Litwhiler, Danny; 1963 
 22Baseball Coach's Guide to Drills and Skills Litwhiler, Danny; Illustrated By John O. Wilkinson; 1963 
 23A.L.'s Oldsters End Loss Skein in Dimes Benefit Lieb, Fred; 1963 
 24Outfield Play For Enclosed Parks Litwhiler, Danny; 1964 
 25  1964 
 26Baseball Coach's Guide to Drills and Skills Litwhiler, Danny; 1964 
 27Baseball Coach's Guide to Drills and Skills Litwhiler, Danny; 1965 
 28They Looked Good Enough to Beat Smith, Lyall; 1965 
 29  1965 
 30Jack Coombs' Baseball Coombs, Jack; edited By Danny Litwhiler; 1966 
 31Baseball Coach's Guide to Drills and Skills Litwhiler, Danny; 1966 
 32Too Much Litwhiler Mix, Sheldon A.; 1966 
 33Overload: For the Quick Bat Litwhiler, Danny; 1967 
 34Jack Coombs Baseball, 4th Edition Coombs, Jack, Revised By Danny Litwhiler; 1967 
 35Baseball Coach's Guide to Drills and Skills Litwhiler, Danny; 1967 
 36Baseball Gains Rapidly Among European Fans Abrams, Ben; 1967 
 37Baseball Tutors Name Litwhiler As New Prexy  1968 
 38College Coaches Honor Eckert's Contributions  1968 
 39Legion Baseball--Majors' Most Fertile Farm Rumill, Ed; 1968 
 40`Get College Diploma,' Litwhiler Urges Boys  1968 
 41Overload Effect On Throwing Velocity and Accuracy Litwhiler, Danny and Larry Hamm; 1973 
 42Colleges Adopt DH Rule Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1973 
 43Steve Garvey, Nice Guy on First Bisher, Furman; 1974 
 44Pennsylvania to Honor Ex-Big Timer Litwhiler n; 1974 
 45Looking For a Hit With a Hex Martin, Jack; 1975 
 46He's a One-Man Hurricane Underwood, John; 1977 
 47Instant Curves  1978 
 48Horner and Gibson Stand Out in Selections Pavlovich, Lou; 1978 
 49College Baseball Is a Delight To Watch: Filling Void of Fading Minors Falls, Joe; 1978 
 50When Danny Cleared the Fence Falls, Joe; 1979 
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