September 1, 2015
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 1Mets' McGraw, Oriole Beasley Swatting Stars Jones, Bill; 1966 
 2Ex-Alaska Goldpanners Seaver, Frisella Hit Pay Dirt With Mets Lang, Jack; 1967 
 3All Winter Mets Can Savor Kid Curvers Lang, Jack; 1967 
 4Whitey Herzog High on Chances of Mets' Kids to Make Grade Lang, Jack; 1967 
 5To Err is Human...Mets Prove It Lang, Jack; 1968 
 6Guess Who's Coming Up Now! Blount, Roy, Jr.; 1969 
 7Tricky Dick Rubin, Bob; 1970 
 8No Togetherness - That Was the Mets' Problem Lang, Jack; 1971 
 9Mets Boast Invincible Bullpen: McGraw, Frisella and Taylor Lang, Jack; 1971 
 10Mets' Generosity Gives Hodges a Huge Pain Lang, Jack; 1971 
 11New York Mets -- The Muscle Was Lacking Pepe, Phil; 1972 
 12Braves' Swapping of Carty Puts Mathews on Hot Seat Minshew, Wayne; 1972 
 13Mets Get Millan to Cure Old Keystone Headache Lang, Jack; 1972 
 14McGraw and Frisella--Supreme Game-Savers Lang, Jack; 1972 
 15New Braves' Wit and Humor Promise a Livelier Summer Minshew, Wayne; 1973 
 16Roster Backs Braves as Busy Barterers Minshew, Wayne; 1973 
 17Ron Hunt Places Hurts in Ice Trainer's Hands Robertson, John; 1973 
 18Not Even Miracle Could Revive Mets Lang, Jack; 1974 
 19Four Spots Wide Open on Braves' Hill Corps Minshew, Wayne; 1974 
 20Moves by Padres Make Frisella a Happy Fella Collier, Phil; 1976 
 21Maligned Redbird Firemen Doing a Super Rescue Job Russo, Neal; 1976 
 22Tutor Craig Proud of Padre Hill Talent Collier, Phil; 1976 
 23Pats on Back Mean Egg on Face to Cards Russo, Neal; 1976 
 24Death of Frisella Shocks Brewers Chapman, Lou; 1977 
 25  1977 
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