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 1Swatter Bedell No. 1 On List of Minors' Stars  1961 
 2Rater Wronger Stainback, Berry; 1965 
 3Like a Ginger Rogers Movie: Danny Cater Was Sure He Was Going to Make It, Pop Grady, Sandy; 1965 
 4Phillies Likely to Feel Pinch If No One Fills Cater's Shoes Lewis, Allen; 1965 
 5The Year the Yankees... n; 1965 
 6Note Under Bedroom Door Told Cater of Chisox Deal Heiling, Joe; 1965 
 7Handy Cater Dandy Man in Chisox Setup Munzel, Edgar; 1965 
 8A Part-Time Poet, Charles Composes Catchy Swat Lines McGuff, Joe; 1966 
 9A's Discover Able Fill-In--Eager Cater O'Boynick, Paul; 1966 
 10Stretcher Carries Weary Cater Back to Tough Drills n; 1967 
 11Cater 14th Batter Hit by Lonborg n; 1967 
 12Danny Cater Bordman, Sid; 1967 
 13Sweet-Swing Danny Caters to Kaycee's Rich Taste at Dish McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 14Heavier Bat Helps Cater Lift Average Bergman, Ron; 1968 
 15Heavier Bat Improved Danny's Catering Service to A's Bergman, Ron; 1968 
 16Bando Knows Geometry, But Ignores the Rulebook  1968 
 17Cater Disturbed At Report Hockey Seals May Move  1968 
 18A's Cater Sees End of Beaning Woe Bergman, Ron; 1968 
 19A 25-Point Sag, But Yaz Still Reigns Henkey, Ben; 1968 
 20Did A.L. Glove Voters Flub It? Cater Wonders Bergman, Ron; 1968 
 21Angels Bid For Allen  1968 
 22Race To Keep the Title Out of Bed  1968 
 23Who's Danny Cater? Fox, Tom; 1969 
 24A's Expecting 3 Trades To Pave Pennant Route Bergman, Ron; 1969 
 25Be a .300 Hitter! Weiskopf, Don; 1969 
 26Name Is Carter-Er, Cater Blount, Roy, Jr.; 1969 
 27Cater, Rudi To Give A's Feast at First Bergman, Ron; 1969 
 28Trade Winds Puff Out Yank Muscle Ogle, Jim; 1969 
 29A's Hope to Fatten Up With Cater-ing Program At Plate Bergman, Ron; 1969 
 30A's Still Hunting in Cleanup Campaign Bergman, Ron; 1969 
 31A's Infield Best in A.L.--That's Bando's Opinion  1969 
 32Oakland Athletics Vecsey, George; 1969 
 335 Best and 5 Worst Trades of the Year Vass, George; 1970 
 34Comeback for the Yankees ? Vass, George; 1970 
 35Houk Flicks Red Light On Yank Player Shuttle Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 36Houk is Fresh Out of Patience, Sends Slumpers to Bench Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 37Yanks' White Has Big Salary Weapon in 'Key RBIs' Total Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 38Tepedino, Ellis Fuel Yanks' Bid for More Punch Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 39Youth, Key Trades Spark Yank Comeback Bid Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 40Yanks Unveil Newcomers in Meet-the-Press Confab Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 41'My Arm Is Okay,' Downing Tells A's Bergman, Ron; 1970 
 42Late-Fadeout Charge Riles Yanks' Cater Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 43Dreamy Times For Mini-Bombers Curry, Peter; 1970 
 44Cater Facing Stiff Battle For Yankee Berth at Gateway Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 45Cater's Travel Days Ending...Yank Stickout Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 4620th Victory Thrills Peterson--'I Never Thought I'd Do It' Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 47Four Groups to Tour War Zones, Hospitals  1970 
 48Shopping for Mound Help? Don't Ring Yankees' Phone Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 49Cater Philosophic Over His Future Ogle, Jim; 1971 
 50Catcher Munson Only Yank Assured of Steady Job Ogle, Jim; 1971 
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