August 30, 2015
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 1Reds Gloat Over Classy Flock of Kids Lawson, Earl; 1971 
 2Reds' Farm Clubs Offer Rich Crop of Prospects Lawson, Earl; 1971 
 3Reds Promote Six of Their Top-Rated Phenoms Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 4Howsam Doubts He'll Pull Another Blockbuster Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 5Dan Driessen: Best Young Hitter in N.L. Smith, William C.; 1973 
 6Baseball Digest's 1973 Rookie All-Star Team Vass, George; 1973 
 7Reds' Rookie is a Tough Cookie Leggett, William; 1973 
 8Red Artist Locklear Fears Yet Another Brushoff Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 9McLain Confident Following First Victory for Iowa Oaks n; 1973 
 10Driessen's Bat Helps Reds Smile Despite Hill Collapse Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 11Red Kids Giving Sparky a Big Change Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 12Red Muscles Growing Muscles, Sparky Warns Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 13Mets Switch Roles With Reds to Win Flag Lang, Jack; 1973 
 14Cincy Trade Winds Murmur Tolan's Name First Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 15Reds' Starting Stable Could Add Up to Seven Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 16Matthews of Giants Cited by Writers as Top Rookie Lang, Jack; 1973 
 17Rose Was Like .511 Thorn in Side of Phils Last Season Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 18N.L. Tops on Topps' Rookie Team n; 1973 
 19The Bargain Bonus Boys Hertzel, Bob; 1974 
 20All's Forgiven : Driessen's Still at Third Holder, William G.; 1974 
 21Reds Founder as Swatters Swoon Lawson, Earl; 1974 
 22Reds Tune Up for New Chorus of `Danny Boy' Lawson, Earl; 1974 
 23Sparky to Try Driessen Plan on Griffey Lawson, Earl; 1974 
 24It Took Little $$$ to Make Reds Rich Lawson, Earl; 1974 
 25Perez Says Good-Bye to Reds--Maybe Forever Lawson, Earl; 1974 
 26Sparky to Give Reds Refresher in Fundamentals Lawson, Earl; 1975 
 27Experts Evaluate Baseball's Best Young Hitters Bortstein, Larry; 1976 
 28 Smith, Red; 1976 
 29 Anderson, Dave; 1976 
 30Dan Driessen, Cincy's DH Hits The Jackpot McCoy, Hal; 1976 
 31Swept Away Bonventre, Peter; 1976 
 32Shave and a Haircut--Not for Reds Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 33Reds Go Into Slo-Mo Act Putting Pen to Pact Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 34Reds' Driessen Slated for Heavier Duty Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 35A Forgettable World Series Bisher, Furman; 1976 
 36Part-Time Job Drudge to Driessen Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 37Reds Reign Unchallenged, But Howsam Won't Just Sit Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 38Rookie Zachry, DH Driessen Torpedo Yanks Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1976 
 39Driessen Ready to Replace Perez Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 40PH Role Bores Driessen n; 1976 
 41`My Strongest Club,' Sparky's Salute to Reds Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 42Swapping of Perez Opens Red Gateway To Driessen Lawson, Earl; 1977 
 43Are Perez' Shoes Too Big? Not For Driessen Lawson, Earl; 1977 
 44Driessen's Hot Bat Quiets Critics of the Perez Trade Lawson, Earl; 1977 
 45Tom Terrific Caps Impossible Dream of Reds Lawson, Earl; 1977 
 46Reds Confident of Success With Driessen and Fryman Lawson, Earl; 1977 
 47Player of Week Honors Go To Fisk and Driessen  1977 
 48Driessen's Bat Revives Snoozing Reds Lawson, Earl; 1977 
 49Reds Staisfy All Regulars; Bench Signs Five-Year Pact Lawson, Earl; 1977 
 50Men of the Reds Machine: An Inside Look At Baseball's Team of the '70's Collett, Ritter; 1977 
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