August 30, 2015
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 1  1910 
 2The Pitching Sensation of 1913 Lane, F.C.; 1913 
 3The Secret of Walter Johnson's Great Speed Lane, F.C.; 1913 
 4Why I Joined the Federal League Falkenberg, F.P.(Cy); 1914 
 5The Emery Ball: Strangest of Freak Deliveries Lane, F.C.; 1915 
 6Who's Who in the Federal League  1915 
 7True Veterans of the Minor Circuits Kofoed, J. C.; 1921 
 8The Growl of the Wolves Evans, Billy; Illustrated by R.B. Fuller; 1927 
 9Freak Pitching Deliveries - Past and Present Bradley, Hugh; 1936 
 10Diamond Oddities Irving, Ira; 1937 
 11  1961 
 12Frederick Peter "Cy" Falkenberg Enders, Eric; 2006 
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