December 22, 2014
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 1Country Boy Carroll Tabbed by Tepee as $1,000 Hill Bargain Haraway, Frank; 1963 
 2Carroll Rated Hill Comer in Braves' Book Wolf, Bob; 1965 
 3Country Boy Carroll Turns Out to Be City Slicker on Tepee Hill Minshew, Wayne; 1966 
 4Carroll Sets Relief Mark n; 1966 
 5Hospitals, Schools Prime Stops for Braves' Caravan n; 1967 
 6Carroll, Who Balked at Trip to Minors, Returns, Wins n; 1967 
 7Tepee's Bull Pen Loaded With Aces, Says Hitchcock n; 1967 
 8Pitching-Hungry Braves? Figures Explode That One Minshew, Wayne; 1967 
 9Better Days Ahead Goldberg, Hy; 1967 
 10Cloninger Disabled Again Because of Eye Infection n; 1967 
 111967 Atlanta Braves Illustrated Sachs, Jerry, Lee Walburn; Tom Bennett, eds.; 1967 
 12Carroll Pedals Bike and Sheds Excess Pounds Minshew, Wayne; 1967 
 13With Clay in Bullpen, Reds Sigh With Relief Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 14Regan, Wood Pad Leads in Fireman Races Holtzman, Jerome; 1968 
 15Reds Refuse to Panic While Mishaps Deplete Hill Corps Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 16Forecast by Pappas Comes Oh So True in Six-Player Deal Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 17Howsam Baits Traps For Lefty Reliever Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 18Howsam's Shrewd Trades Give Reds Strong Plus Marks Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 19Tony's Arm and Eyes Okay Again Minshew, Wayne; 1968 
 20Don't Write Off the Reds, Bristol Tells Leading Cards Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 21Culver and Carroll Hurl 13-Hit Shutout of Bucs  1968 
 22Reds Hitch Pennant Wagon to Their Workhorse Carroll Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 23Bristol Declares Carroll Will Return to Bullpen  1969 
 24A Story-Book Clout by Carroll Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 25Willie Davis Won't Scare, Despite Clay-Pigeon Role Hunter, Bob; 1969 
 26May, Perez Zero In on Reds' Lefty-Righty Homer Record Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 27Tough as Steel, Cincy's Granger Baffles Batters Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 28Three N.L. Relief Artists Could Be 15-Game Winners  1969 
 29Upshaw Leading N.L. Relievers  1969 
 30Country Boy Clay: He Wins a Trophy And He's Grateful Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 31Highlight Weiskopf, Herman; 1969 
 32Big Zinger From Binger Blount, Roy, Jr.; 1969 
 33Nolan, Carroll Only Regulars On Hand For Early Red Drills Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 34Culver Partial to Purple Suits...and Spot On Red Starting Staff Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 35Hitters Just Putty in Hands of Clay, Reds' Rescue Ace Lawson, Earl; 1970 
 36Carroll, McGlothlin Sidelined Lawson, Earl; 1970 
 37'Nolan Nearest Thing to Seaver' Chirps Sparky Lawson, Earl; 1970 
 38That Black and Orange Magic Leggett, William; 1970 
 39Blair, B. Robby Tie Record Roewe, Chris; 1970 
 40May's Bat Pumps High-Test Fuel Into Sputtering Big Red Machine Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1970 
 41Skipper Sparky Proud of Losing Reds Lawson, Earl; 1970 
 42'I'm For Real!' Protests By-Passed Dave Giusti  1971 
 43Carroll Seeks Some Ink - and He Gets It Lawson, Earl; 1971 
 44Wherever Reds Look, They See Trouble Lawson, Earl; 1971 
 45Carroll, Lyle Top Relievers Roewe, Chris; 1972 
 46Late 3M Rally Boosts Athletics' Series Stock Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1972 
 47Howsam Crowing Over Reds' Crack Hill Staff Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 48Reds' Mr. Clutch--Perez Pounding Key Blows Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 49Reds Have Hawk Who's Sudden Death to Hitters Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 50Tolan Typifies Reds' All-Round Great Season Lawson, Earl; 1972 
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