September 4, 2015
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 1Baseball's Cockiest Start Lawson, Earl; 1958 
 2Kid Twirlers Lift Gloom in Reds' Plunge Lawson, Earl; 1960 
 3Bailey Bruised and Battered After Catching Kid's Slants  1960 
 4Cincy's Snazzy Hurling Slips Red Quick Hypo Lawson, Earl; 1960 
 5Quartet of Prize Prospects Adds Zing To Sagging Reds Lawson, Earl; 1960 
 6McLish Haunted By Tough Luck - No Redleg Help Lawson, Earl; 1960 
 7Scouting Reports On 1960 Major League Rookies - Cincinnati Reds Simons, Herbert; 1960 
 8Reds Run Out of Reserves; Twirler Osteen Patrols Left  1961 
 9Red Southpaw Osteen Polishes Change-Up, Wants Starting Job: Kid Lefty Perfects New Pitch in Puerto Rican Winter Loop Lawson, Earl; 1961 
 10Hemsley Tosses Barb at Nats For Mound Strategy Povich, Shirley; 1962 
 11Slab Phenoms Sparkle in A.L. All-Star Victory Lieb, Fred; 1962 
 12Tigers' Hill Phenom Willie Smith Hailed As Loop's No. 1 Gem Lieb, Fred; 1962 
 13Hefty Hitter Hinton Jolts Nats With Huge Pay Pitch Povich, Shirley; 1963 
 14West of the Bronx Angell, Roger; 1965 
 15Gentlemen, The Dodgers  1965 
 16Koufax Fans 10 and Yields 3 Hits in Gaining His 2d Shutout in 4 Days Koppett, Leonard; 1965 
 17Scratch, Slide and Steal n; 1965 
 18Barter in Neanderthals Merchant, Larry; 1965 
 19Real Cleanup Men at the Plate Falls, Joe; 1965 
 20Thumbnailing a So-So Series Burnes, Robert L.; 1965 
 21Dodger `Ifs' May Add Up to '65 Flag Hunter, Bob; 1965 
 22Casey Predicting a Dodger Comeback Behind Hill Aces n; 1965 
 23That OTHER Dodger Pitcher Bell, Joe; 1966 
 24A Portfolio of Hitting Pitchers Ferdenzi, Til; 1966 
 25  1966 
 26Those Happy Birds: a Practical Demonstration of Palmer's Law Mann, Jack; 1966 
 27The Happy Third Wheel Zimmerman, Paul; 1966 
 28Many Salary Raises Seen Carmichael, John P.; 1966 
 29Jaster Beat Three Dodger Pitchers--Koufax Missing n; 1966 
 30A Thunderation of Sluggers Leggett, William; 1967 
 31Allen Breaks 31-Game HR Drouth, Longest of Career n; 1967 
 32Cepeda Pours It On, Legs Out 250th Career Homer n; 1967 
 33Home Cooking Restores Snap to Raod-Weary Dodger Legs Hunter, Bob; 1967 
 34Braves Boast Masked Marvel: Torre--Star Catcher Better Than Ever With Svelte Frame Minshew, Wayne; 1967 
 35Cool It--Claude Ices Wing in Bid to Log 20 Wins Hunter, Bob; 1967 
 36Close, But It's No Cigar For Osteen's Hill Gem n; 1967 
 37Dodgers Break Loose With Two Big Innings n; 1967 
 38Osteen Snaps Dodgers' Worst Skid in 6 Years n; 1967 
 39Walter on Worrying Kick as Star Hurlers Take Rap n; 1967 
 40Sutton Fires Strikes From Mound, But He's Wild With Hand Grenade Browning, Wilt; 1967 
 41Sandy Pegging Sutton the Key to Dodger Flag Hunter, Bob; 1967 
 42Damper on Interleague Deals Burnes, Robert L.; 1967 
 43Japanese Hurlers Warm Up AFTER Being Knocked Out Finch, Frank; 1967 
 44Dodgers Face Struggle for First Division! Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 45Trades Helped Win Two Crowns, May Again: Dodgers Durslag, Melvin; 1967 
 46The Heir Apparent Collett, Ritter; 1967 
 47Seven Dodgers Open Early Drills  1968 
 48Osteen Already Tuning Arm For 20-Win Season Hunter, Bob; 1968 
 49Dodger Olympics--Run Mile Each Day Hunter, Bob; 1968 
 50Dodgers? They're Dynamite on Road Hunter, Bob; 1968 
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