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 1How About The New Managers ? Gould, James M.; 1934 
 2The Brains of Brooklyn McGowen, Roscoe; 1939 
 3Heroes of the Horsehide Carmichael, John P.; 1940 
 4"Ya Said 'Go?…Oh! I Thought Ya Said 'Whoa'" McGowen, Roscoe; 1945 
 5Little "Bum" With the Big Bat McGowen, Roscoe; 1945 
 6Baseball's Lieutenants - The Coaches Drebinger, John; 1946 
 7Chandler Bars Durocher For 1947 Baseball Season Effrat, Louis; 1947 
 8Do You Believe in Signs? Young, Clarence; 1947 
 9The Commissioner Acts  1947 
 10His First Pitch Was Called a Strike; His Second Was Called Many Things Williams, Joe; 1951 
 11Bobby Thomson at the Plate Cooke, Bob; 1951 
 12Mr. Shakespeare, a Dodger Fan, Had a Word For It Cooke, Bob; 1951 
 13Dressen, Chuck  1951 
 14Phillies Told to 'Give Dodgers Hell' Down, Fred; 1953 
 15The Little Man Meany, Tom; 1953 
 16Dressen, Noren Fined for Series' Outbursts  1953 
 17Dressen, O'Malley Set to Talk Contract Again Reichler, Joe; 1953 
 18Pacific Cost Loop Welcomes Dressen  1953 
 19Dressen to Manage Oakland  1953 
 20 Smith, Red; 1953 
 21 Smith, Red; 1953 
 22Dressen Embarks for West Coast  1953 
 23Dressen Reports Offer for Letter Sent to O'Malley  1953 
 24Dressen Signs Pact to Manage Oakland Newland, Russ; 1953 
 25'Rabid Fan'  1953 
 26Dressen Nominates Erskine as Probable Series Starter Miller, Norman; 1953 
 27Scribe Flails Brooklyn Team for Past Failure, Frustration Carver, Lawton; 1953 
 28Bums O'Malley Rates Praise Forgoing Along With Dressen  1953 
 29The Manager Can't Win: Every Player Thinks Thinks He's a So-and-So Sometime McAuley, Ed; 1954 
 30How Mathews Compares To Babe Ruth Meany, Tom; 1954 
 31Knuckleball Tipoff Conlin, Bill; 1954 
 32He Asked For It!  1954 
 33The Artful O'Malley and the Dodgers Gross, Milton; 1954 
 34The 1955 Mutual Baseball Almanac Kahn, Roger; Harry Wismer; edited by Paul Lapolla; 1955 
 35A Baseball Writer's Notebook Young, Dick; 1955 
 36The Happiest Egoist Lardner, John; 1956 
 37I Play Baseball For Money - Not Fun Kahn, Roger; 1956 
 38  1957 
 39Lighter Side: Fun, Wit And Errors Biederman, Les; 1958 
 40They Also Serve Steiger, Gus.; 1958 
 41Preface Einstein, Charles; 1958 
 42Chuck Dressen Williams, Joe; 1960 
 43Phils' Flop Ended Coombs' Hopes For Piloting Career  1960 
 44The Greatest Game I Ever Saw Dressen, Chuck; 1960 
 45Chuck Dressen Says ..... " The Dodgers Can't Repeat " Young, Dick; 1960 
 46Alston Could Have Been `Fall Guy,' Says O'Malley  1962 
 47Fire the Handicapped  1963 
 48Baseball's Expendables Veeck, Bill; as told to Ed Linn; 1963 
 49Mystery of the Paper Tigers Levine, Jerry; 1967 
 50Mystery of the Paper Tigers Levine, Jerry; 1967 
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