September 4, 2015
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 1Good Scalp, No Hit  1961 
 2Report On the Rifleman: Three-Sport Big-Leaguer; Chuck Connors, the Former Pro Baseball-Basketball Player, Is a Sharpshooting Rifleman On TV and Off Goodenough, Tap; 1962 
 3  1965 
 4Branded Ziff, Sid; 1965 
 5Opening the Door to Hollywood Bisher, Furman; 1966 
 6Connors Chucked Bat for TV Riches: Star of `Rifelman' Struggled For Years as Minor Leaguer Hunter, Bob; 1966 
 7`Baseball Losing Valuable Colorful Players'--Chuck n; 1966 
 8 Miller, Dick; 1970 
 9G.M.'s Seek Spring Interloop Deals Isle, Stan; 1973 
 10Classiest Athlete? A Writer Votes for Reese Rosenthal, Harold; 1974 
 11Nobody Loves the Ruling Class Deford, Frank; 1976 
 12Once It's in Your Blood  1977 
 13McGraw Would Strike Out as Modern Manager Slocum, Frank; 1979 
 14Post-Playing Careers: Berardino And Connors, TV And Movie Actors  1980 
 15Passings  1992 
 16Actor and Former No. 1 Pick Die Koenig, Bill; 1992 
 17Frankie Baumholtz: He Covered a Lot of Outfield Ground Ahrens, Art; 1992 
 18Chuck Connors Wilber, Cynthia J.; 1992 
 19Chuck Connors Wilber, Cynthia J.; 1992 
 20Kevin Joseph Aloysius "Chuck" Connors  1992 
 21 Hershberger, Chuck; 1993 
 221993 Bakersfield Dodgers Souvenir Program  1993 
 23Jordan Continues Courtship of His First Love Wendel, Tim; 1994 
 24I Remember Joe Brovia Sargent, Jim; 1996 
 25Chuck Connors: "The Man Behind the Rifle" Fury, David; 1997 
 26Some Stars Have Their Act Together: Players' Popularity Crosses Over To TV Deane, Bill; 1998 
 27On the Silver Screen Edelman, Rob; 1998 
 28Baseball's Forgotten Heroes: One Man's Search For the Game's Most Interesting Overlooked Players Salin, Tony; 1999 
 29Now Batting for Furillo, the "Rifleman" Salin, Tony; 1999 
 30Now Batting for Furillo, The "Rifleman": Chuck Connors Salin, Tony; 1999 
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